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Animation submissions include all areas of animation such as character animation, real-time "demo-scene" work, game cut-scenes, scientific visualization, commercials, multimedia presentations etc., and must not exceed the length of five minutes. The work entered must have been created, realized or significantly updated within the past two years. Selected animations will be presented to the audience during an Animation Theatre and will be also featured on a Showcase DVD and the Showcase website respectively.

To see details go to submission guidelines.

For further information, please contact the Animation Theatre chairs.

Important dates

Submission deadline:Friday, May 25th, 2007 (24:00 GMT)
Notification date:Friday, June 22nd, 2007

  • Program Committee

    Bedřich Beneš (US)
    Masa Inakage (JP)
    Lucie Svobodová (CZ)
    Jian J. Zhang (UK)
    Bohuš Získal (CZ)

Submission Guidelines

The submission process consists of two basic steps:
  1. Fill in the registration form and get your submission ID number
  2. Complete submission package and send it to us by mail
In order to unify all processes with the submitted material we will accept your contributions only on data DVD medium.


First, visit the registration page, please. You will fill-in important information about you, and about your work you are submitting. After completion of the form, you will get a registration receipt with the unique submission ID. Print the registration receipt and enclose it to the submission package (you will also need an electronic copy - so save also the registration receipt to the file). The registration form you will find here.

The submission package contains:

  • printed copy of the registration receipt
  • 2 copies of one data DVD with the following content:
    1. file 1: low resolution preview of the video (not exceeding 100MB!)
    2. file 2: full quality video (see technical requirements)
    3. files 3,4: two still images representing your work (see technical requirements)
    4. file 5: project description text in the MS Word: create the short document containing list of your team members (name and institution for each member) and project description (short paragraph about 200 words).
    5. file 6: electronic version of the registration receipt (screen-shot, PDF or HTML)
The completed package send to the address:
Eurographics 2007: Animation Theatre
Czech Technical University in Prague
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Karlovo namesti 13
12135 Praha 2
Czech Republic

Technical Requirements

Accepted Media and File Formats


In order to keep the quality of your animations during whole process we will only accept your contributions on data DVD.

The low resolution previews should have resolution not below 640x480 and must be acceptable by Quicktime 7 Player.

The full quality videos should be in resolution 720x576. The format of the video should be uncompressed AVI or Quicktime MOV file with minimal (no) compression with separated audio in uncompressed WAV format (16 bit, 48 kHz).


Images representing your work should be in resolution 720x576 in PSD format (separated layers, text must match the safe & title area). Alternatively you can use PNG format.

Filename Conventions

The content of the DVD you will send consists of 6 required files with names derived from your submission ID received during the registration. To recognize all parts of your contribution keep the following conventions:
  1. file 1: the low resolution preview file will have name according to this scheme: ID-L.ext (should not exceed 100 MB!)
    examples for ID=12345678: 12345678-L.avi or 12345678-L.mp4 or
  2. file 2: the full quality video file will have name according to this scheme: ID-H.ext
    examples for ID=12345678: 12345678-H.avi or 12345678-H.mp4 or
  3. files 3, 4: the still images representing your video will have name according to the following scheme: ID-I1.ext, ID-I2.ext
    examples for ID=12345678: 12345678-I1.psd or 12345678-I1.png
  4. file 5: the document with project description text will be stored in file named according to the following scheme: ID-D.doc
    examples for ID=12345678: 12345678-D.doc
  5. file 6: the electronic copy of registration receipt will be stored in the file named according to the following scheme: ID-RF.ext
    examples for ID=12345678: 12345678-RF.png or 12345678-RF.pdf or 12345678-RF.html
If you have any questions concerning the submission process, feel free to contact Animation Theatre co-chairs.

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