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Reflecting the importance of the historic centre of Prague as a UNESCO World Heritage site, there will be a special track at Eurographics 2007 on Cultural Heritage. Original submissions are sought under two broad categories: Preservation and Interpretation. Various Cultural Heritage sub-areas may be divided into two major classifications:

  • Tangible heritage, represented by the discovery, documentation, organisation, interpretation and communication of artefacts, monuments, sites, museums and collections. This area includes both museum collections and collections held in or organised as digital libraries.
  • Intangible heritage, represented by performance, stories, myth and mythology.

At the interface between these two areas lies the area of historical and cultural interpretation. The increasing volume of digital cultural artefacts and collections is becoming an important body of heritage content in its own right. The twin themes of Preservation and Interpretation could be characterised as having both public and scholarly aspects. Preservation is a necessary pre-requisite to allow future presentation for both scholarly research and for public communication, in fields such as education, tourism and edu/entertainment. In fact even preservation has a public aspect in the increasing recording of visitor experience and reactions in heritage contexts.

Contributions should either describe results which push forward the bounds of computer graphics and are grounded on evidence-based need from the cultural heritage sector, or take state-of-the-art results from general computer graphics and apply them to real data from the cultural heritage sector evidencing the effectiveness with feedback from the cultural heritage sector.

Submitted papers of up to 8 pages should be formatted according to the EG publication guidelines. Accepted papers will be published in a Cultural Heritage Papers Proceedings, and at least one author must attend to present at an oral session in the conference. The best two papers will be recommended for a publication in the journal Computer Graphics Forum. Submission deadline is April 27th, 2007.

Author's packages with predefined LaTeX styles are available at the submission instructions page.

Anonymous submissions will be made electronically through the Eurographics online submission system.

Important dates

Submission deadline:Friday, April 27th, 2007 (24:00 GMT)
Notification date:Monday, May 28th, 2007
Final paper due:Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

  • Program Committee

    Alonzo Addison (US)
    Juan Barcelo (ES)
    Alan Chalmers (UK)
    Jan Ciger (DK)
    Paolo Cignoni (IT)
    Andy Day (UK)
    Pierre Drap (FR)
    Roman Durikovic (SK)
    Sabry El-Hakim (CA)
      Dieter Fellner (DE)
    Peter Ferschin (AT)
    Athanasios Gaitatzes (GR)
    Markus Grabner (AT)
    Konrad Karner (AT)
    Sarah Kenderdine (AU)
    Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann (CH)
    Radoslaw Mantiuk (PL)
    Mark Mudge (US)
      Maria Roussou (GR)
    Holly Rushmeier (US)
    Donald H. Sanders (UK)
    Roberto Scopigno (IT)
    Jiří Sochor (CZ)
    Daniel Thalmann (CH)
    Borut Zalik (SI)
    Georg Zotti (AT)

For further information, please contact the Cultural Heritage Papers chairs.

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