game physics innovation competition
We are delighted to announce the Eurographics 2007 Game Physics Innovation competition. The competition, supported by Sony Computer Entertainment US R&D and Intel, aims to celebrate and promote innovation in the implementation of physics in games. We are inviting demos or full games which employ ground-breaking physically based techniques exploring what might be applicable in a future generation of game titles.


  • Selected submissions will be displayed and the winners announced at Eurographics 2007 in Prague. Thanks to the kind support of Intel, Physics Game Lobby will be equipped with 8 of their quad-core systems.
  • Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Sony Computer Entertainment US R&D, there are prizes totaling €2000 for winning entries.
  • The closing date for entries is August 24th, 2007.


Overall Prize: €1,500 - awarded to the entry that in the judges opinion exhibited the best combination of innovation and technical achievement.

Collada Prize: €500 - awarded to the entry that makes the best use of the Collada standard.

For registration and further information please visit the Eurographics 2007 Game Physics Innovation Competition website!

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