review process
The review process runs from the submission deadline (8th of February, 2007) until 15th of April, 2007.

Each paper will be assigned to one member of the International Program Committee (IPC) which will act as an editor of that paper.

Each paper will be reviewed by 3-4 reviewers, one from program committee and 2-3 external reviewers. In some cases, a second member of the program committee will be asked to read the paper and help to make the final decision.

The role of the editor is to collect all the reviews and finalize the decision (in most cases the editor will not contribute a review). The editor is responsible to write a summary report that explains to the authors the final decision.

The IPC meeting will be held on 12th to 13th of April, 2007. After the meeting, notifications including summary reports and all reviews will be sent to the authors.

Papers that violate our policies on co-submitted or previously published papers, or that are clearly outside the scope of the conference, will be rejected without any review.

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