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Message from SV co-chairs

Any successful major scientific conference relies on a support of student volunteers (SV), and EG 2007 is no exception. Being a Student Volunteer at the Eurographics 2007 conference is a great way to join the community of reserachers and practitioners in the field of computer graphics, meet other students in the field, and attend the Europe's biggest conference on computer graphics at the same time -- and all that for a zero registration fee! The only thing we ask in return is about 24 hours of your time during the conference. We are looking to welcome students with diverse backgrounds in the CG.

Looking forward to meet you in Prague!

Adam Sporka and Michal Hapala, SV Co-chairs


Become a student volunteer and ...

  • pay no registration fee for attending the conference, even if presenting your own work
  • get a chance to meet important people in the computer graphics field in less formal situations than as a regular conference attendee
  • get an opportunity to meet your colleagues from different countries and universities
  • experience the backstage of the largest European CG conference
  • enjoy Prague, its culture and monuments (and pubs)
  • get your limited edition SV T-shirt
  • come to the private SV party in the city centre after the conference

Your Commitment

By applying for the SV position you agree and promise that you will be able to

  • be in Prague during the conference
  • work for about 24 hours during the conference on assignments such as
    • preparing the conference bags
    • handling the registration of attendees
    • providing technical support during sessions (e.g. helping people connecting their laptops to AV equipment etc.)
    • checking people's badges when accessing special rooms (workshops, tutorials ...)
    • directing people around the venue
    • taking pictures
  • check for SMS messages from the SV chairs on your cell phone (at least every 6 hours)
  • help whenever your help will be needed
  • wear your SV T-shirt when on duty
  • speak fluent English

If you are accepted and later you for some reason learn that you will not be able to come to Prague, send us an e-mail immediately that you surrender your SV position so that we may promptly contact the first one on the waitlist.

The SV program relies on honesty of the SVs. If you will not have worked your hours during the conference we will ask your department to pay your student registration fee after the conference is over.


1. Only full-time college or university students can apply for an SV position at EG 2007. It is necessary that your field of study involves computer graphics. Also, you must be fluent in English which is the official language of the conference. On your arrival to the EG 2007 venue you must provide a valid proof of your being a student when receiving your badge and T-shirt. Any of the following can be used:

  • A valid ISIC card
  • A valid student ID issued by your university
  • A letter from your school stating that you are a full-time student, signed by an authorised representative of the school

2. Fill out the following form and send it by e-mail to sporkaa[at]cs[dot]felk[dot]cvut[dot]cz. The subject of the message should contain the string EG 2007 SV Application otherwise we will not be able to process your application. Your personal data will be safe with us. Promise.

   First name:
   Last name:
   e-mail address:
   Discipline of your study (up to 5 words):
   Particular interest (up to 5 words):
   Program of your study (BSc, MSc, PhD, etc.):
   Languages fluently spoken:
   Day-time phone number:
   Your cell phone number in Prague:
   Previous SV experience (list conferences):
   T-shirt size:

3. The people for the SV program will be selected in a lottery from all applications submitted. We are currently "hiring" two groups of students: Those who are fluent in English and those who are fluent both in English and Czech (or Slovak) as some of the jobs will require your interaction with the Czech natives who are not able to speak English well. The latter group should be primarily composed of people from Czech and Slovak universities.

4. If you are not accepted we put you on the waitlist and there still will be a fair chance that you get in, as we may decide to increase the number of SVs that we invite or the people in the list before you may turn down their application for some reason.


Unfortunately, we can not provie a free accommodation. However, we have made a reservation of rooms in the dormitories of the Czech Technical University. The information on price of this accommodation will be posted in late February.

Key Dates

Applications due: March 15, 2007
Notification: March 31, 2007
Last update : 12.05.2011

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