Efficient Sorting and Searching in Rendering Algorithms

This is the webpage for tutorial T8 presented at Eurographics 2014, Monday April 7, Strasbourg.


Vlastimil Havran, Czech Technical University in Prague


Vlastimil Havran, Czech Technical University in Prague
Jiri Bittner, Czech Technical University in Prague

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Tutorial Content

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We would like to thank our colleagues for providing us various sources for this tutorial, in particular to Robert Herzog, Michael Wimmer, Peter Wonka, Tommer Leyvand, David Luebke, and Hansong Zhang. Special thanks are to Marek Vinkler for his input to GPU section of the tutorial. This work has been partially supported by the Czech Science Foundation agency under the research program P202/12/2413 (OPALIS).


The materials on this webpage are copyrighted by Eurographics Association. Some images used in the tutorial have other copyright (IEEE, ACM). The use of the material sources for any use has to be done carefully.

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