Virtual Old Prague Project 
This is a joint project of
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of  Charles University &
Computer Graphics Group &
Faculty of Electrical Engineering of  Czech Technical University

Project chief:  Jiri Zara
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To see these pages properly you need the Internet Explorer 4.x or higher or Netscape Navigator 4.x or higher, with Javascript and JavaTM enabled. The functionality of the project is mainly given by the VRML Browser, if you have not any installed go to "Software and Plugins" page.   (Cortona VRML Browser from ParallelGraphicsTM is highly recommended).
 Enter the town 
 Enter directly one part of the town with default settings
 Software and Plugins 
 Get the software needed to run the project in your browser
 About the project 
 Documentation, information about the project
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Those who are interested in participating on the project, i.e creating 3D models can send an email to our supervisor

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