EG 2007 Phlegmatic Dragon

Data for Your Research

On the occasion of organization the Eurographics conference in Prague we release a data model that you can use for your research submitted to the conference. The data were acquired with the range scanner and postprocessed. You can freely use the model data for any purposes including morphing, cutting into pieces, animations, texture mapping, color mapping, etc.


vertices: 336017, faces: 667214
VRML (8.5MB, gzipped)
OBJ (8MB, zipped)
vertices: 240057, faces: 480076
VRML (10MB, gzipped)
OBJ (12MB, zipped)


Measurement Method

The model was measured using laser range scanner Konica-Minolta Vivid 9i (device specifications).
During the measurement a MIDDLE lenses were used and all data filters were disabled.
Real dimensions of model bounding box are 162x130x132mm.
The model is result of merging and tringulation of:
  • 12 scans on rotary table (rotation step 15 degrees)
  • 3 additional scans of the upper part of the object
  • 2 additional scans of the bottom part of the object


On the Phlegmatic Dragon project contributed the following people: Jiří Filip (UTIA), Radek Holub (UTIA), Vlastimil Havran (CGG), Jaroslav Křivánek (CGG), and Daniel Sýkora (CGG). The use of Phlegmatic Dragon model can be acknowledged to UTIA, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, and CGG, Czech Technical University in Prague.
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