Example-based Rendering of Hand-drawn Content

Ing. Jakub Fišer, Ph.D.

supervised by:
doc. Ing. Daniel Sýkora, Ph.D.


In this dissertation, we focus on the capabilities of example-based synthesis with a particular interest in hand-drawn appearance. We propose several approaches for creating new digital imagery from examples without making any domain-specific assumptions and being media-agnostic. New methods for content-creation and non-photorealistic stylization are presented together with examples of their practical usage in contemporary digital production pipelines.

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Jakub Fišer, Ondřej Jamriška, David Simons, Eli Shechtman, Jingwan Lu, Paul Asente, Michal Lukáč, and Daniel Sýkora
Example-Based Synthesis of Stylized Facial Animations
In ACM Transactions on Graphics 36(4):155, 2017 (SIGGRAPH 2017, Los Angeles, USA, July 2017), ACM, Patent pending.
Jakub Fišer, Ondřej Jamriška, Michal Lukáč, Eli Shechtman, Paul Asente, Jingwan Lu, and Daniel Sýkora
StyLit: Illumination-Guided Example-Based Stylization of 3D Renderings
In ACM Transactions on Graphics 35(4):92, 2016 (SIGGRAPH 2016, Anaheim, USA, July 2016), ACM, Patent pending.
Jakub Fišer, Paul Asente, Stephen Schiller, and Daniel Sýkora
Advanced Drawing Beautification with ShipShape
In Computers & Graphics 56:46–58, 2016 (SBIM'15, Istanbul, Turkey, June 2015), Elsevier, Patent pending.
Michal Lukáč, Jakub Fišer, Paul Asente, Jingwan Lu, Eli Shechtman, and Daniel Sýkora
Brushables: Example-Based Edge-aware Directional Texture Painting
In Computer Graphics Forum 34(7):257–268, 2015 (PG'15, Beijing, China, October 2015), Eurographics, U.S. Patent No. 9,536,327.
Ondřej Jamriška, Jakub Fišer, Paul Asente, Jingwan Lu, Eli Shechtman, and Daniel Sýkora
LazyFluids: Appearance Transfer for Fluid Animations
In ACM Transactions on Graphics 34(4):92, 2015 (SIGGRAPH 2015, Los Angeles, USA, August 2015), ACM, U.S. Patent No. 9,852,523.
Jakub Fišer, Michal Lukáč, Ondřej Jamriška, Martin Čadík, Yotam Gingold, Paul Asente, and Daniel Sýkora
Color Me Noisy: Example-Based Rendering of Hand-colored Animations with Temporal Noise Control 
In Computer Graphics Forum 33(4):1–10, 2014 (EGSR'14, Lyon, France, June 2014), Eurographics.
Michal Lukáč, Jakub Fišer, Jean-Charles Bazin, Ondřej Jamriška, Alexander Sorkine-Hornung, and Daniel Sýkora
Painting by Feature: Texture Boundaries for Example-Based Image Creation 
In ACM Transactions on Graphics 32(4):116, 2013 (SIGGRAPH 2013, Anaheim, California, USA, July 2013), ACM.




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