DCGI Library Borrowing Service

This service allows you to borrow from the DCGI Library (DCGI, Karlovo nam. 13, corridors of the 4th floor of the E building). Read how to borrow/return
You can also search in CMP library.
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SEARCH CONSTRAINTS: Leave the Search Constraints empty if you want to list all items. Search is case and diacritic(accent) sensitive.
AUTHOR/EDITOR  e.g: Felkel, Felkel|Žára
TITLE          e.g: graphics, computer|graphics
YEAR           e.g: 2008
HardCopy       e.g: HCI0005, G0086, A0010
All fields     search all, e.g. @Book for books only, @Proceedings for proceedings, etc.

TYPE: All Book Proceedings Master thesis Bachelor thesis Others
PERSONAL: Only borrowed by you Allow takeover No borrowing

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