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Master and bachelor thesis

In case you are interested to work on some projects with me, contact me by e-mail. The list of themes for Bachelor and Master's theses in Czech is available, other themes and term projects are possible after the discussion. The prospective PhD candidates are welcome to apply in general.

PhD students (former):

Master students (former):

  • Petr Frantal, project "Ray Tracing with Bounding Volume Hierarchies on a CPU", (graduated February 2019).
  • Adam Papousek, project "Efficient light simulator for optical systems formulated by NURBS surfaces", (graduated January 2017, Dean's award).
  • Jan Langr, project "Data Structures for Ray Tracing for Mobile Devices with Android OS", (graduated June 2016).
  • Petr Sefcik, project "Real-time global illumination using Cascaded Light Propagation Volumes", (graduated February 2016, Dean's award).
  • Petr Egert, project "Compression Algorithms for BTF Data on a GPU", (graduated June 2014, Dean's award).
  • Tomas Barak, project "Global Illumination via Instant Radiosity", (graduated June 2012).
  • Tomas Nikodym, project "Global Illumination Computation for Augmented Reality", (graduated June 2012).
  • Jiri Nekola, project "BRDFLIB - software library for reflectance functions", (graduated February 2012).
  • Michal Lukac, project "Progressive consistent computation of global illumination", (graduated June 2011, Dean's award).
  • Ondrej Karlik, project "Data Structures for Interpolation of Illumination with Radiance and Irradiance Caching", (graduated June 2011, Dean's award).
  • Ondrej Kozelka, project "HDR Images Acquisition" (graduated 2010).
  • Radomir Vavra, project "Fast Rendering Algorithms for Volumetric Data on a GPU" (graduated 2010).
  • Ondrej Linda, project "Parametric Model of MPII Building" (graduated 2010, Dean's award).
  • Lukas Krivsky, project "Ray tracing on a CELL processor" (graduated 2010).
  • Tomas Vanat, project "Ultrasonic Tracking System" (graduated February 2009).
  • Martin Zlatuska, project "Fast Ray tracing on a GPU" (graduated 2009, Dean's award).
  • Jiri Drahokoupil, project "Predictive rendering of the MPII building", (graduated 2009, Dean's award).
  • Jan Novak, project "Global Illumination Methods on a GPU with CUDA", (graduated 2009, Dean's award and winner of ACM CZ/ACM SK Student Research Competition 2009).
  • Michal Hapala, project "Data structures for ray tracing on configurable hardware" (graduated 2009, first place at IBM Student Competition).
  • Jakub Gabzdil, project "Navigation system for scene investigation" (graduated 2009).
  • Lukas Korba, project "Driving Car Simulation" (graduated 2008, Dean's award).
  • Robert Herzog, project "Advanced Density Estimation Techniques for Global Illumination" (graduated 2006, supervision in Saarbruecken, Germany).
  • Alexander Efremov, project "Efficient Ray Tracing of Trimmed NURBS Surfaces", (graduated 2005, supervision in Saarbruecken, Germany).
  • Michal Kracik, project "Realtime algorithms for Terrain Rendering" (graduated 2001).
  • Jaroslav Krivanek, project "Modern Algorithms for Global Illumination" (graduated 2001, Dean's award).
  • Vladimir Nadvornik, project "Ray-Object Intersection Algorithms for Rendering System GOLEM", (graduated 2000).
  • Petr Mladek, project "Texturing and Mapping Algorithms for Image Synthesis" (graduated 1999).
  • Michal Masa, project "VRML'97 parser in C++" (graduated 1999).
  • Vit Martinek, project "A library of 3D scenes", in Czech, (graduated 1999)
  • Libor Dachs, project "Visualization of Spatial Data Structures" (graduated 1999), co-supervision with Jiri Zara.
  • Filip Sixta, project "Non-Uniform Grids for Ray Tracing" (graduated 1998).
  • Radek Vondracek, project "Fast Rendering Algorithms based on Ray Tracing, in Czech (graduated 1997).

Bachelor students (former):

  • Tomas Nikodym, project "Ray tracing algorithm for interactive applications" (graduated 2010).
  • Petr Kukral, project "Fast Ray-Triangle Intersection Algorithms" (graduated 2010).
  • Ondrej Jamriska, project "Interactive Ray Tracing of Distance Fields", (graduated 2009, the paper derived from the thesis got the the best paper award at CESCG 2010 student conference).

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