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This is the home page for the Best Efficiency Scheme project (BES for short). We are collecting scenes of different number of primitives and use these scenes for evaluation of properties of different ray-shooting acceleration schemes.

Our aim is to

More about our motivation for this work can be found in proposals menioned below.

Project proposal

The initial proposal of BES project from October 18, 1999, is available here. We have made an updated version available on April 4, 2000.

Measurement results

The measured data for first part of the project (30 SPD scenes of different complexity, 12 ray shooting acceleration schemes, and 4 testing procedures = 1440 measurements) can be found here. The more detailed technical report on this testing is available [PDF] as well at the repository of technical reports at Vienna University of Technology.

Other scenes will be added.


There is a BES scene collection in VRML'97 format publicly available, 100 of different complexities to be selected, see proposal.

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