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Selected VR/AR Projects

Digital Langweil Model
Digital Langweil Model
We have participated as a scientific supervision of the Digitization of the historical paper Langweil model of Prague.
ARiSE project
Augmented Reality in School Environments
EU project (6th FP ICT) covering development and testing of novel AR equipment (Spinnstube) and software targeted to school environments.

Cultural Heritage
VHCE project
Research in the field of utilization of VR for cultural heritage and its maintaining. It includes both reconstruction of cultural heritage objects (Virtual Heart of Central Europe project) and development of tools suitable for management of virtual museums (to model, edit, and visualize pieces of art in virtual environment).
Virtual Old Prague
VOP project
The project aimed to scalable web visualization of virtual cities. Formerly student project covering a small part of Prague was later extended further virtual houses and streets.
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Minor VR projects

Selected Papers

Selected scientific papers and talks are available in a standalone page.

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Gallery of X3Dom worlds

*** NEW *** VRML models and applications converted to X3Dom
Numbers puzzle Cube puzzle3D Pexeso puzzle3D Tenochtitlan
Numbers (2016) Cube (2020)3D Pexeso (2016)Tenochtitlan (2019)

Gallery of VRML worlds

Puzzles in VRML - developed for Eurographics 2001 and 2002 Contests (click on image to enter VRML world)
Numbers puzzle Cube puzzle Atoms puzzle Marble Drop puzzle 3D Pexeso puzzle
Numbers (2001) Cube (2001)
Atoms (2001)
Marble Drop (2001) 3D Pexeso (2002)