Perception Motivated Hybrid Approach to Tone Mapping

Martin Čadík
Proceedings of Winter School of Computer Graphics, pp. 129-136, 2007
We propose a general hybrid approach to the issue of reproduction of high dynamic range images on devices with limited dynamic range. Our approach is based on combination of arbitrary global and local tone mapping operators. Recent perceptual studies concerning the reproduction of HDR images have shown high importance of preservation of overall image attributes. Motivated by these ?ndings, we apply the global method ?rst to reproduce overall image attributes correctly. At the same time, an enhancement map is constructed to guide a local operator to the critical areas that deserve enhancement. Based on the choice of involved methods and on the manner of construction of an enhancement map, we show that our approach is general and can be easily tailored to miscellaneous goals of tone mapping. An implementation of proposed hybrid tone mapping produces good results, it is easy to implement, fast to compute and it is comfortably scalable, if desired. These qualities nominate our approach for utilization in time-critical HDR applications like interactive visualizations, modern computer games, HDR image viewers, HDR mobile devices applications, etc.