An Efficient Perception-Based Adaptive Color to Gray Transformation

Laszlo Neumann Martin Čadík Antal Nemcsics
Proceedings of Eurographics Workshop on Computational Aesthetics in Graphics, Visualization and Imaging, pp. 73-80, 2007
The visualization of color images in gray scale has high practical and theoretical importance. Neither the existing local, gradient based methods, nor the fast global techniques give a satisfying result. We present a new color to grayscale transformation, based on the experimental background of the Coloroid system observations. We regard the color and luminance contrasts as a gradient ?eld and we introduce a new simple, yet very ef?cient method to solve the inconsistency of the ?eld. Having a consistent gradient ?eld, we obtain the resultant image via fast direct integration. The complexity of the method is linear in the number of pixels, making it fast and suitable for high resolution images.