Multi-touch API for interactive tables

Pavla Balíková Supervisor: Jan Buriánek Bachelor thesis 2011
This thesis deals with multi-touch tables, along with application programming interfaces for creation programs for these tables. The first part focuses on the historical development of tactile devices, the basic classification and characterization famous multi-touch tables on the market. Another part is comparing the programming interface for multi-touch interactive applications on the tables. The work also describes the basic problems in developing touch applications for multiple users. Implementation part makes a goal, to create application for multi-touch table SMART Table, which is intended for small children and will honor the principles for creating user interface for multiple users work on one desktop. It will demonstrate the possibility of cooperation and communication. The last part focuses on solutions connecting multi-touch tables so as to enable their cooperation. The proposal applies in particular to the educational environment, thus enabling cooperation of students on the interactive tables in the classroom.