Bachelor theses 2015

Water Surface Modeling

Andrey Ufimtsev Supervisor: Jaroslav Sloup
This work addresses problems of simulating ocean surface using a spectral approach by J. Tessendorf. The surface itself is generated utilizing the Fast Fourier Transform. We will see how an FFT algorithm…

An Interaction Tool for Immersive VR Devices

Martin Janda Supervisor: Roman Berka
This bachelor thesis deals with design and implementation of a gesture interaction tool for immersive VR devices. The first part of the thesis describes input devices that are used for interaction in…

E-learning for ANDROID tablet

Jiří Rychlovský Supervisor: David Sedláček
This bachelor thesis informs about a project of developing interactive taskbooks for elementary and secondary schools. At the beginning of the thesis there is an analysis of another existing taskbooks…

Distributed video player

Anastasia Kuznetsova Supervisor: Roman Berka
Distributed systems for working with multimedia content, the main advantage of which is possibility to divide the task into one or more parts, are used in institutes, advertising, visual arts, etc. The…

Web portal for a computer games reviews

Vojtěch Nedvěd Supervisor: Martin Vaňko
This thesis presents design and implementation of web page serving as a powerful tool for sharing personal reviews of computer and console games. Next to the sharing of personal ratings and reviews, the…

Comparison of Ray Tracing Libraries

David Král Supervisor: Jiří Bittner
Casting or tracing rays are techniques used in computer graphic for rendering images by tracing the path of light through pixels of an image plane. These techniques are trying their best to simulate phenomena…

Prototype of Electric Guitar Effects Unit

Peter Schmiedt Supervisor: Adam Sporka
Guitar effects were always a precious thing for guitar players and they still play a major role in today’s music industry. For somebody who isn’t close to guitar effects, to identify and to know how a…

Interactive gallery of Leonardo da Vinci models

Karel Zavřel Supervisor: David Sedláček
The aim of this work is to carry out the reader through the whole process of the development of interactive application. The work is trying to outline some modeling techniques that are used to create…

Server side application for video processing

Aleksandr Primak Supervisor: Martin Klíma
This work deals with design and implementation of the server-side application for video processing, which is responsible for detection of transitions between scenes. It familiarizes readers with modern…

Mobile application for gift recommendation

Jan Sládek Supervisor: David Sedláček
This bachelor project intends to participate in solving the problem of choosing a suitable present, which millions of people have to cope with several times a year. The mobile application developed as…

Bachelor theses 2017

A prototype of mobile application for geographical data crowdsourcing in urban environments

Michaela Riganová Supervisor: Jan Balata
To create reliable navigation system is a complex task but creating one for people impaired in mobility brings even more challenges. People impaired in mobility have much higher requirements regarding…

Comparison of Unity and Unreal Engine

Antonín Šmíd Supervisor: Jiří Bittner
Contemporary game engines are invaluable tools for game development. There are numerous engines available, each of which excels in certain features. To compare them I have developed a simple game engine…

Accessible multi-platform navigation application for navigation of blind pedestrians

Vojtěch Gintner Supervisor: Jan Balata
The purpose of this bachelor’s thesis is to design and implement accessible multi-platform mobile navigation application for navigation of visually-impaired pedestrians. I started with stating problems…

Surveillance center UI for in-hospital navigation system

Dominika Palivcová Supervisor: Miroslav Macík
An indoor navigation system for hospitals is being developed at the Department of Computer Graphics and Interaction at the CTU FEE. In this system, personalized navigation instructions are provided by…

Contrallable 3D head model in Maya

Tomáš Ivanič Supervisor: Radek Smetana
The main purpose of this bachelor thesis was to create a fully controllable 3D model of a human head which is designed for an animation production. Creating such a model is a very lengthy process during…

Automatic D2 test evaluation by computer vision

Petr Bílek Supervisor: David Sedláček
This bachelor thesis deals with automatization of evaluation of d2 test. D2 test is a psychological test which is currently evaluated manually and its evaluation takes a relatively long amount of time….

Models of 3D Scenes for a Driving Simulator

Petr Brachaczek Supervisor: Jiří Bittner
This bachelor thesis presents rebuilding of~large exterior scene and its rendering in~VRUT application. In addition the~thesis describes theory about real time rendering and representation of models and…

A Control Console for Video Cutting Application vMix

Radovan Beneš Supervisor: Roman Berka
This bachelor thesis deals with creating a functional prototype of a control console, whose design is based on the professional switching consoles used in television broadcast. This work is a continuation…

Bachelor theses 2010

Mesh correction and optimalization of the correction steps

Petr Marek Supervisor: Petr Felkel
This work works on analyzis of impacts on detection and correction algorithms caused by a presence of various mesh errors. It examines their impacts on each other, masking or creating of new errors during…

3D Studio Max Extension for Multiview Stereoscopic Rendering

Tomáš Buk Supervisor: Zdeněk Trávníček
This work concentrates primarily on stereoscopy. There is explained the concept itself here as well as its application and various technologies, which make the spatial experience possible. Furthemore,…

Design of user interface for creation of navigation building description for non-specialist

Petra Marešová Supervisor: Jan Vystčil
Improving of conditions for independent mobility of eye-handicaped people is still topical problem. This work deals with designing of user interface, which helps users to create descriptions of building…

Visual development environment for multi-pass rendering

Tomáš Dřínovský Supervisor: Ladislav Čmolík
This bachelor thesis deals with the design of a visual representation of the elements of the multi-pass rendering. Next, the software for visual creation of effects of the multi-pass rendering is designed…

Virtual gallery in St.Peter and Paul´s church near Líšná

Daniel Šrám Supervisor: Jiří Žára
This bachelor thesis deals with the design and implementation of a virtual gallery for visitors of St. Peter and Paul church in Líšná village near Zbiroh. The work consists of two parts, a virtual model…

Applying Motion Capture System in Physiotherapy

Jiří Pospíšil Supervisor: Roman Berka
This work investigates the possibility of porting data from the Vicon system into several different animation programs. In the first part there is a detailed description of motion capture technology and…

Roller coaster simulation

Tereza Hyková Supervisor: Jaroslav Sloup
This thesis describes the design and implementation of a roller coaster editor and simulator. It introduces the way to describe most of existing roller coasters including its shape, special mechanisms…

Bachelor theses 2021

Game engine for Minecraft-like games

Zdeněk Kolář Supervisor: Ladislav Čmolík
The theme of this Bachelor thesis is generating and rendering Minecraft-like game environments. Minecraft-like games are specific by seemingly endless procedurally generated volumetric worlds, where a…

Path Tracing using Vulkan AP

Matvii Bunin Supervisor: Jiří Bittner
This work overviews basic techniques of ray tracing as well as the structure of Vulkan API and shows how to use them to create a path tracer. The related implementation is built from ground up and is…

Web Portal for Augmented Reality Preparation

Michal Mráz Supervisor: Jiří Bittner
The object of this bachelor thesis is the design and implementation of a web application for creation of augmented reality content. The application is developed using Javascript, HTML and CSS. It uses…

Transformation manipulators and scripting in I3T

Daniel Gruncl Supervisor: Jaroslav Sloup
The goal of this work is design of manipulators for interactive modification of transformation and projection matrices and the integration of these manipulators into I3T-software for teaching transformations….

3D first-person logic game

Lucie Veverková Supervisor: Ladislav Čmolík
This thesis provides an analysis of the best principles of creating a good puzzle game, the overall process of level design, the most common modeling techniques, and the best practices of creating modular…

Personal health diary – mobile application

Daniela Hradilová Supervisor: Jiří Bittner
The aim of this thesis is to design, implement and test a mobile application for a regular monitoring of personal health information. The application should allow a wide range of user specific health-related…

Procedural generation of videogame environments

Jan Kutálek Supervisor: Jiří Bittner
There are many features in games that take a lot of time and resources to develop. That is why this thesis is focused on procedurally generated content, precisely dungeon environments, and generates video…

Outdoor AR with 360 panorama

Jan Hamet Supervisor: David Sedláček
This bachelor thesis talks about the use of mobile libraries for augmented reality that are used to show 360° panoramas of Langweil paper model of Prague from 19th century. First, there are disscussed…

Black Hole visualization in virtual reality with 360° camera

Jakub Peleška Supervisor: David Sedláček
This bachelor thesis shows a process of visualization of black holes. To maximize the level of user immersion virtual reality and 360 video background was used. Low computation complexity is the main…

Logic 3D game

Petr Varga Supervisor: Ladislav Čmolík
This work analyses the process of designing games, the mechanics of logic games, and the creation of modular components. I use the analysis to design a game of my own and develop it in the Unity game…

Direct Rendering of Procedural Models

Alexander Temnyakov Supervisor: Jiří Bittner
Projects in the field of 3D graphics may be focused on rendering large scenes with a big number of objects. A human is not able to create all objects manually in a reasonable amount of time. To avoid…

Bachelor theses 2018

Introduction to Solar System through Virtual Reality application

Jordan Moravenov Supervisor: David Sedláček
I am fascinated by the opportunities that virtual reality offers us and I am interested in using this perspective technology for education. I created educational application to present the objects of…

Bachelor theses 2009

Genesis – game engine kernel

Michal Červenka Supervisor: Jiří Bittner
Behind the wonderful graphics, animations and storytelling of today’s games, there lies the powerful game engine, which is the key to the ultimate game experience. The game engine, which can be described…

Test generator

Markéta Boháčová Supervisor: Petr Felkel
This bachelor thesis deals with available tools for student testing and their properties. Based on sample tests, these tools are evaluated, their options, utilization and functionality analyzed. After…

Simulation and visalisation of corrosion

Vojtěch Smrček Supervisor: Jaroslav Sloup
In our work we focus on simulation and visualization of corrosion in PBRT system. PBRT system displays scenes using ray tracing. We create color and bump map for the corroded material. We result from…

Comparison of programs for editing 2D graphics

Michal Holanec Supervisor: Jiří Danihelka
This bachelor thesis describes a computer graphics and especially the two-dimensional graphics. Subsequently, this thesis focuses on software for editing of this graphics. The first part introduces the…

3D Model of the Vlašim Chateau Park

Jan Zimandl Supervisor: Jiří Žára
This bachelor thesis is dealing with formation of virtual sight-seeing tour of the Vlašim manor park in VRML and its integration into the website. The text itself is mostly attending to the way of creating…

Reproduction of 2D graphic piece of work for visually imaired users in mobile environment

Miloslav Rejha Supervisor: Zdeněk Míkovec
Goal of this project was to choose a suitable software platform for blind or heavily visually impaired users, which allows them to manipulate 2D piece of graphic work in mobile environment. A prototype…

Bachelor theses 2019

Realtime 3D Reconstruction and Localization in Virtual Reality

Marek Římal Supervisor: David Sedláček
This work deals with the problem of realtime localization in virtual reality using depth data, especially in the context of monitoring a user’s position, his navigation in the known space and stability…

Creating Realistic Environments using Photogrammetry

Daniel Hanák Supervisor: Jiří Bittner
When creating a realistic environment for games, we want to achieve maximum credibility of our scene. Simultaneously we want to render everything in real-time. Creating realistic vegetation, trees, and…

Implementation of Asymmetric Cooperative Video Game – 3D Environment

Martina Klimešová Supervisor: Adam Sporka
This thesis describes development of asymmetric cooperative computer game I’m In for two players. Each player operates on a separate device, taking on a role of a hacker or an agent. Together they complete…

Automatic Box Layout in I3T Tool

Marek Nechanský Supervisor: Petr Felkel
A drawing of a graph has an important impact on understanding of the graph. The drawing should be different for various types of graphs. A very specific type of graph is used in a program called Interactive…

Piano play in virtual reality

Tereza Preislerová Supervisor: David Sedláček
The aim of this thesis was to create a game that enables users to play the piano in virtual reality. For this purpose Leap Motion technology was used to track hand movement. In this music game user plays…

Implementation of Asymmetric Cooperative Video Game – The Manual

Pavla Křivanová Supervisor: Adam Sporka
This thesis deals with the creation of asymmetric cooperative computer game I’m In for two players. Players have different roles (agent and hacker) and they solve riddles together using verbal communication….

Bachelor theses 2011

MOCAP – Tracking of a human figure motion

Jan Nováček Supervisor: Roman Berka
This work investigates the possibility of creation videos using the MoCap technology. The work seeks to propose a procedure that allows simple and efficient creation of videos with this technology. At…

Humanoid model

Radek Smetana Supervisor: David Sedláček
The following BA thesis deals with creating a humanoid model with the Autodesk Maya software. The work builds upon acquired knowledge from the Y39KMA subject, during which another humanoid model was produced…

UI of the interaction model for developers

Ondřej Havelka Supervisor: Zdeněk Míkovec
This thesis deals with design (and implementation) of a user interface of the interaction model for developers. The interaction model will be used by developers to design accessible applications. The…

Tools for teaching of visualy impaired children

Kateřina Štromerová Supervisor: Petr Felkel
Graphics for some therapy methods for visually impaired children exist currently only in paper form. The aim of this thesis was to digitize these documents and to create electronic version of the exercises….

Interactive model of tokamak Golem

Ondřej Pluhař Supervisor: Jiří Žára
Tokamak Golem is a useful piece of laboratory equipment on the grounds of Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering of Czech Technical University in Prague. The main aim of this project is…

The rules of 3D models reusability

Michal Majerník Supervisor: David Sedláček
The goal of this project is to create rules, which will lead to production of reused model for 4 kinds of reusability. In this work I will deal with formats, which are appropriate for saving a model and…

Research of visually impaired users’ behavior in outdoor navigation

Denisa Kubínková Supervisor: Jakub Franc
The work deals with design navigation for blind people to the interior of buildings and outdoor crossing between them using a mobile phone. Simultaneously work deals with the behavior of blind people…

System for automatic generation of route description for visually impaired

Jakub Bokšanský Supervisor: Jan Vystrčil
This work deals with a problem of generating city routes text description for visually impaired people. An existing application prototype is used as a basis and enhanced in two ways. Pathfinding system…

The Generator models of buildings and interior design

Denisa Hůlová Supervisor: Roman Berka
The aim of this thesis „The generator models of buildings and interior design“ was to create an application – using inputted data – that is able to create a simple 3D model using a repetition of the scene….

Foreign Language Telephone Communication Tool

Jan Murin Supervisor: Adam Sporka
The goal of this bachelor thesis project is to design and implement the application which allows the user to communicate through telephone in a language which he or she does not know. The user prepares…

Simulation of lunar eclipses

Adam Pospíšil Supervisor: Jaroslav Sloup
The goal of this work is to create realistic picture of the Moon during a lunar eclipse. The method described here calculates both direct and indirect illumination resulting from the refraction in the…

Multi-touch API for interactive tables

Pavla Balíková Supervisor: Jan Buriánek
This thesis deals with multi-touch tables, along with application programming interfaces for creation programs for these tables. The first part focuses on the historical development of tactile devices,…

Website for comparing extensions

Jan Fiala Supervisor: Petr Felkel
This work deals with creating a web site containing information about OpenGL extensions. The site should include a current list of all known extensions and all their specification documents. Additional…

Bachelor theses 2014

Sculpting in Virtual Reality

Vojtěch Krs Supervisor: Ondřej Jamriška
Sculpting is a popular method of 3D modeling that could benefit from the recent advancements in the field of virtual reality. This thesis focuses on implementation of a sculpting system in a virtual reality…

Controlling Color Corona on Green Screen

Peter Šourek Supervisor: Roman Berka
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to create algorithm that is able to detect and suppress color spill on chroma-keyed images. Based on previous analysis and existing solutions to this problem, three…

E-learning for ANDROID tablet

Josef Veselý Supervisor: David Sedláček
This bachelor thesis deals mainly with the user interface design of interactive textbooks for an Android tablets with the display size at least 9″

EMG-controlled Tool for Image Editing

Tomáš Flek Supervisor: Adam Sporka
This work focuses on design, implementation, and testing of an EMGcontrolled tool for image editing. Most people use various graphic editors that are usually not accessible by people with severe motor…

Accurate 3D model of DCGI corridor

Tomáš Kraus Supervisor: David Sedláček
The purpose of this bachelor thesis is to create 3D model of two corridors and a loft in section of building FEE CTU near Karl’s square. Description of theoretical basics in 3D graphic, including light…

Example-based 3D-model synthesis

Adam Papoušek Supervisor: Michal Lukáč
Shape synthesis is generally a task that is hard to master. New methods using 3D-model synthesis from examples emerged with the growing number of shapes in model repositories. This work reviews and compares…

Bachelor theses 2012

Mobile application for capturing location and communication of visual impaired people

Adam Šimek Supervisor: Jan Balata
The main objective of this thesis was to create a mobile assistance application for visually impaired people, intended to help them with orientation problems. The thesis focuses on the problem of continuous…

Text entry for mobile devices using multitouch gestures

Daniel Rys Supervisor: Ondřej Poláček
This work is dedicated to research of existing text input methods for mobile devices and subsequently on development and testing of an own input method with the usage of multitouch gestures on devices…

Point cloud planar segmentation

Daniel Princ Supervisor: David Sedláček
This bachelor’s thesis concerns about point cloud processing, specifically about planar segmentation of point clouds. Planar segmentation finds its use in 3D digital reconstruction of objects from the…

Accessibility Testing of the Government-Administered Web Sites in the Czech Republic

Václav Trpák Supervisor: Adam Sporka
This bachelor thesis is supposed to review the accessibility of government websites. To review them, certain rules and guides have been created, based on consultation with users. Results of the test with…

Bachelor theses 2020

Creation of modular 3D assets for videogames

Alena Mikushina Supervisor: Jiří Bittner
In order to keep up with the ever-increasing player’s demand for higher visual fidelity of game environments, artists are continually implementing new modelling techniques and production methods into…

Adaptation of building strategy in virtual reality

Veronika Petrova Supervisor: David Sedláček
This work deals with adaptation of building strategy in VR. It focuses on implementing said genre of video games in VR and tries to fully utilize everything the platform allows. For research of the presented…

Application for design and export of racing tracks

Mykola Isaiev Supervisor: Ladislav Čmolík
The creation of auto race track three-dimensional scenes requires knowledge of specific software and can be time-consuming. The Smart Driving Solutions research center uses Cruden Panthera driving simulator…

Scalable traffic simulation in the system SCREW

Vít Neckář Supervisor: Jiří Bittner
This thesis describes the current implementation of drivers’ behaviour in VRUT and suggests its improvement.

Evaluation of player performance – methodology and implementation

Michal Pozník Supervisor: Jiří Bittner
The matter of this work is the analysis of the possible ways of evaluating player action in computer games and the implementation of a module, which would be able to offer such evaluation as feedback….

Weathering of rocks

Vojtech Cimbura Supervisor: Jaroslav Sloup
This bachelor thesis discusses rock weathering simulation techniques in the field of computer graphics and suggests an implementation of an application dealing with this subject. An application producing…

OpenGL text rendering library

Karel Tomanec Supervisor: Jaroslav Sloup
This thesis deals with the topic of text rendering and the development of the text rendering library based on OpenGL. The thesis introduces basic typographic concepts, existing font formats, and text…

Music game in virtual reality

Isa Skořepů Supervisor: David Sedláček
This thesis describes development of game PaintPong for Virtual Reality. Its main game mechanic is deflecting colored balls in precise time to music and using them to color as much of the surroundings…

Mobile Android application for solutions teaching tasks in the EduARd system

Michaela Kubišová Supervisor: Ivo Malý
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to create mobile Android application for solving education tasks using EduARd sytem. Application is communicating with server part of the EduARd system, which is providing…

Multiplatform applications in advanced reality for Earth satellite visualization

Vojtech Pospíšil Supervisor: David Sedláček
This thesis deals with the development of a multiplatform mobile application visualizing the positions of Earth satellites and GPS ground segment using augmented reality. The thesis aims to acquaint the…

Implementation of rendering system in Rust

Eduard Lavuš Supervisor: Jiří Bittner
Vulkan is today the de-facto standard for open cross-platform real-time graphics rendering. It allows the developers to leverage the performance of GPUs on many platforms thanks to its uniform design…

Sound in VR

Jozef Skála Supervisor: David Sedláček
The aim of my thesis was sound addition to an educational VR application ESERO cesta na Mesiac created by Ing. Ondrej Okluský. Sound addition is used to enhance and improve user’s virtual reality experience….

Fighting Games

Alexandra Petrova Supervisor: David Sedláček
This bachelor’s thesis deals with the analysis of game mechanics of the fighting game genre. I use this analysis to design and implement a prototype of my own fighting game. Afterwards, I propose a design…

Real object monitoring in virtual reality

Jan Lazarek Supervisor: David Sedláček
The subject of this work is a research of possibilities of usage of recognition and tracking of color-coded objects by depth camera and usage of the tracking data in VR applications. For this task, I…

Bachelor theses 2013

Music Score Authoring Tool

Edvard Rejthar Supervisor: Adam Sporka
The easiest way of music notation is plaintext. However, plaintext cannot carry all the information needed (length of notes, rhythm), and the author cannot turn the plaintext into a real music score….

A Fleet of Synchronized Cameras

Jakub Dražan Supervisor: Adam Sporka
This thesis aims to design and implement an autonomous device. Such a device is capable of recording a video with incorporated UTC timestamp with the precision of one hundredth of second. The timestamp…

Semi-automatic tool for 2D annotation of architectural elements

Renata Musilová Supervisor: David Sedláček
Thesis describes analysis, design and implementation of simple tool for 2D annotation of architectural elements. User defines set of architectural elements. Saved annotations can be displayed and edited….

Gradient domain editation

Pavlína Ulrichová Supervisor: Daniel Sýkora
This thesis tackles the issue of gradient editing of digital pictures and realization of a simple gradient picture editor. We describe elementary information about gradients, their use in practical tools…

Running and jogging support application

Matúš Michalov Supervisor: Adam Sporka
The upwarding trend in health care refflected in recreational running and increasing ophistication of mobile technology creates space for developing helpful support applications. Listening to music while…

Emulation of mouse and keyboard for motor-impaired users

Jan Starý Supervisor: Ondřej Poláček
This work is focused on creation and subsequent testing of a program emulating mouse and keyboard. It is based upon libraries using input from a webcam and microphone. It describes works specifications…

Bachelor theses 2016

Black holes interactive visualization

Ivan Platonov Supervisor: David Sedláček
This bachelor thesis presents a complete process of creating a real-time visualization of some of the most unexplored objects in the universe – black holes. It describes the basics of black holes nature…

VST-compatible Polyphonic Synthesize

Jakub Berka Supervisor: Adam Sporka
This thesis focuses on design and implementation of polyphonic synthesizer using Virtual Studio Technology (VST). Research of necessary theoretical basics was made in first part of this document. Methods…

Visualizing Information on the Web

Róbert Čepa Supervisor: Jiří Bittner
The aim of this thesis is to investigate available tools for visualizing data on the web, to analyze and evaluate these tools by visualization possibilities of var- ious data types, interaction possibilities…

Procedural Modeling of Cities Changing in Time

Petr Frantál Supervisor: Ladislav Čmolík
This bachelor thesis introduces the possibilities of creation of 3D models of cities that evolve in time. We intend to use procedural modeling for this task. First we present a motivation for the creation…

Interaction with 3D Objects in Virtual Reality

Tereza Kašparová Supervisor: Ladislav Čmolík
The theoretical part deals with analysis/selection of devices for displaying virtual reality, selected devices for interacting with 3D objects and analysis/selection of 3D cursors. It also discusses the…

Procedural modelling of objects in Maya

Ondřej Chvíla Supervisor: David Sedláček
The purpose of the bachelor thesis is the design and subsequent implementation of a set of scripts with user interface in the MEL scripting language for modeling software Autodesk Maya. The scripts allow…

Master theses 2015

Water Simulation using Wave Particles

Daniel Mikeš Supervisor: Jiří Bittner
When rendering large bodies of water in real-time an efficient method is required to model water waves. This thesis describes a method for real-time interactive generation of such waves. We use the wave…

Scripts for animation rig creation

Radek Smetana Supervisor: David Sedláček
The diploma thesis deals with the preparation of computer model for animation. This process, also known as rigging, is present during creation of most of computer effects. The aim of the thesis is to…

Granular Sound Synthesizer

Pavel Lieberzeit Supervisor: Adam Sporka
The goal of this thesis was design of own technique of granular synthesis and its implementation as a plugin deployable into the Digital Audio Workstation environment. The designed technique allows the…

Visualization of inner structure of complex 3D objects based on opacity modulation

Tomáš Pastýřík Supervisor: Ladislav Čmolík
This thesis addresses problem of rendering semi-transparent objects and the enhancement by~opacity modulation to reveal object’s internal structures. Illustration Buffer – algorithm solving the Order…

Graph cut based optimization

Lenka Saidlová Supervisor: Daniel Sýkora
Many problems of early vision and computer graphics can be formulated in terms of energy minimization. In this thesis, we focus on improvement of an algorithm, that solves the energy minimization for…

Augmented Reality for education

Jaroslav Havelík Supervisor: David Sedláček
This thesis focuses on the creation of mobile application for tablets, which covers high school curriculum of electrical circuits, using elements of augmented reality. Main issues of the thesis are selection…

Interactive Visualization of Sound Output

Ladislav Týč Supervisor: Roman Berka
This thesis delves into the problematique of creation and deployment of a multimedia application, which combines techniques from the fields of computer graphics, computer vision and audio processing….

iPad application for teaching Irish dances

Ondřej Macoszek Supervisor: Roman Berka
Target of this diploma thesis is to propose, design, implement and test mobile application for teaching irish dances. Within this thesis will be done examination of methods for detection of music speed…

Approximation of Audio via Resynthesis

Tomáš Tisančín Supervisor: Adam Sporka
Sound resynthesis is complex and time-consuming task, which requires deep knowledge of used synthesizer and synthesis in general. There is countless number of synthesizers and each one is different in…

Application for bandwidth optimization for file synchronization

Jan Minařík Supervisor: Martin Klíma
This thesis describes the design and implementation of server and clients for file synchronization with a reduction of the necessary data which must be exchanged between them. Emphasis is placed on the…

Master theses 2017

Visualization of n-dimensional heterogenous data

Jakub Groll Supervisor: Ladislav Čmolík
This thesis deals with a method of rendering volumetric data, which allows us to combine various visualization techniques while accumulating color and transparency along the ray. The aim of this work…

Operator Station for Visualization and Control of Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles

Roman Janovský Supervisor: David Sedláček
The goal of my master thesis is to create visualisation of unmanned (aerial) vehicles, which are small and fast objects, and connect it to AgentFly simulator. It also tests how useful would be use of…

Interactive 360-video in Virtual Reality

Mikoláš Zuza Supervisor: David Sedláček
This thesis describes the process of recording and playing spherical videos and the process of creating interactive stereoscopic spherical content for HMD. After the research of software used for scene…

Control software for a CNC tool

Filip Měšťánek Supervisor: Petr Felkel
This thesis describes the development cycle of a control system for CNC cutting machines. It describes all phases of a system development, from the analysis of current control systems and identification…

Master theses 2010

Parametric Model of MPII Building

Ondřej Linda Supervisor: Vlastimil Havran
The scope of this master thesis is to study predictive image synthesis. Predictive image synthesis is a part of photo-realistic rendering, which is based on using physically exact algorithms for computing…

RPG Creation Framework

Jan Beneš Supervisor: Petr Felkel
The thesis describes design and implementation of a specialized game creation system created for making computer role-playing games. The main goal is to design an open system capable of creating a wide…

View-dependent shadow maps

Jan Hink Supervisor: David Ambrož
Shadows play an important role in human perception of the world because they provide us with the information about relative position of objects and their size in three dimensional space. Therefore they…

Fast rendering algorithms for volumetric data

Radomír Vávra Supervisor: Vlastimil Havran
Thesis deals with fast rendering of volumetric objects, especially with objects defined by distance functions (level sets). Implementations written in C++ and with SSE instructions utilize recent multicore…

Master theses 2021

Clustering and visualization of tabular data with nominal attributes

Štefan Okruhlica Supervisor: Ladislav Čmolík
This master’s thesis discusses the different approaches to the clustering and subsequent visualization of nominal and ordinal data. As such, it explains the tabular dataset, defines attribute types, and…

Management of large-scale traffic sensor data using geospatial context

Lucia Semanová Supervisor: Ladislav Čmolík
This thesis aims to implement a prototype of a system for the visualization and management of traffic sensors. In order to design the prototype, user research with experienced traffic engineers was performed…

Visual Simulation of Rain

Giang Chau Nguyenová Supervisor: Jiří Bittner
The project of the thesis focuses on increasing visual diversity in traffic simulators by simulating multiple rain phenomena, which can be seen in the real world. Thorough research of existing methods…

Master theses 2018

Efficient Rendering of Earth Surface for Air Traffic Visualization

Vojtěch Kaiser Supervisor: Jiří Bittner
When rendering large-scale scenes, we do encounter a different set of issues than in scenes usually used in games or cinematography. These need to be addressed at the lower level of used visualization…

Visualization of n-dimensional heterogenous data

Martin Janda Supervisor: Ladislav Čmolík
This master thesis is concerned with a design and implementation of application for visualization of n-dimensional heterogeneous data. Firstly, there are analysed methods used for visualization of n-dimension…

Design and implementation of software for transparency perception test

Eliška Kuběnová Supervisor: Ladislav Čmolík
This thesis deals with an analysis of non-photorealistic methods for visualization of 3D objects. These methods should improve the perception of three factors: shape, depth and depth-order, and their…

Production-Ready Pipeline for Example-Based Stylization of Animated Sequences

Šárka Sochorová Supervisor: Daniel Sýkora
In my thesis I develop an Adobe Photoshop extension module which uses StyLit, a tool for artistic 3D render stylisation based on a simple sphere painting. The texture synthesis that StyLit performs is…

Global Illumination Filtering for Interactive Applications

Jan Dundr Supervisor: Jiří Bittner
Rendering 3D scenes with both fast and accurate global illumination is still a very tough problem: there is a large number of methods giving approximate results, each one with different compromise. Path…

Suppressing distractors from driver’s field of view

Tomáš Kolařík Supervisor: Zdeněk Míkovec
First, I review the distraction caused by roadside advertisement. In the work, I focus on billboards. I name most common billboard types and the distraction they cause. Then, I create two methods to potentially…

Visualization of network flow in cloud infrastructure

Pavel Podaný Supervisor: Ladislav Čmolík
Modern cloud computer systems show an increasing growth in presence and complexity and as such many of them can contain hundreds or even thousands of unique inner networks. Such infrastructures might…

Qualitative comparison of methods for example-based style transfer

Michal Kučera Supervisor: Daniel Sýkora
In this thesis, I provide insight into the current state-of-the-art of example-based style transfer methods, and design and perform a series of tests to compare the differences in output qualities of…

Web application for project planning of special effects and post-production company

Ondřej Chvíla Supervisor: Zdeněk Míkovec
The purpose of the thesis is to create a prototype of a web application that allows planning and visualization of tasks on particular projects for the trick and post-production company. Using a suitable…

Visualization of cloud computational power and memory consumption

Karel Kovařovic Supervisor: Ladislav Čmolík
The thesis deals with the problem of visualization of server cloud, namely visualization of memory and processor load of individual virtual machines in relation to the specified server. To this end the…

Navigation of Visually Impaired People in Urban Areas with Environment Transitions and Use of Public Transportation

Jakub Berka Supervisor: Jan Balata
This thesis focuses on the problem of navigation of visually impaired people in urban areas. The main objective of this thesis is to enable seamless connection of indoor and outdoor navigation including…

Optimizing Acceleration Data Structures for Photorealistic Rendering

Michal Navrátil Supervisor: Jiří Bittner
This thesis discusses optimization methods of bounding volume hierarchy and their usage in ray tracing algorithms. Based on the analysis of the used PBRT software, a number of methods combining a view…

Master theses 2014

Illustrating how mechanical assemblies work

Markéta Štětovská Supervisor: Ladislav Čmolík
The task of this work is to analyze possible ways to illustrate the function of the system, which consists of several mechanical parts, e.g., a system of gears, and to design and implement application…

Efficient Sampling for Instant Radiosity

Tereza Hyková Supervisor: Jiří Bittner
Indirect illumination is a very important component of realistic image synthesis. It captures subtle interreflection effects, such as color bleeding, that give us important clues about the scene. It is…

Painting hand-drawn images using mobile devices

Jan Brejcha Supervisor: Daniel Sýkora
This thesis deals with the implementation of iOS application for colorization of hand-drawn images captured with the built-in camera. For image colorization the LazyBrush algorithm has been studied, implemented…

Touch screen mobile user interface for seniors

Tomáš Slavíček Supervisor: Jan Balata
This thesis focuses on the problem of designing a user interface for touch screen mobile phones optimized for elderly people. Typical modern smartphone has a large display, but its user interface is fairly…

Component Based Approach for Game Engine Object Management

Martin Štýs Supervisor: Petr Felkel
There are many game objects in modern computer games that need to be represented in a code. The most common way to represent them is via a class hierarchy which unfortunately introduces many problems…

As-Rigid-As-Possible Image Registration

Marek Dvorožňák Supervisor: Daniel Sýkora
This thesis deals with image registration method that can be employed for image pre-processing for the purpose of facilitating the process of feature extraction. This method is particularly suitable for…

Mobile application for NaviTerier navigation system

Vlastimil Jinoch Supervisor: Jan Balata
This document describes the process of design, implementation and testing of mobile application of navigation system NaviTerier. The first part of this work deals with the problematic of visually impaired…

Efficient methods for computing complex global illumination effects

Robin Hub Supervisor: Jiří Bittner
Computing a photo realistic image of an arbitrary virtual scene in an affordable amount of time is still an open problem. Often, one has to trade certain illumination effects for speed. However, the recently…

Methods for Fast Construction of Bounding Volume Hierarchies

Daniel Meister Supervisor: Jiří Bittner
The bounding volume hierarchy is one of the most common acceleration data structures used in computer graphics. This thesis is about a fast parallel construction of bounding volume hierarchies on the…

WheelGo – Route planning for wheelchair users

Martin Nuc Supervisor: Zdeněk Míkovec
This work deals with a problem of navigation for people in wheelchair using available map data and crowdsourcing. It describes typical difficulties of wheelchair users during the transportation and compares…

Master theses 2019

Orientation terminal for visually impaired older adults

Vojtěch Gintner Supervisor: Miroslav Macík
This thesis discusses the design process of tactile symbols for visually impaired older adults. During the design process, I employ User-Centered Design methodology and create three iterations of the…

Real-Time Global Illumination using Irradiance Probes

Šimon Sedláček Supervisor: Jiří Bittner
I present two extensions to a recently introduced method for real-time global illumination based on sparse irradiance caching. The first extension allows the computation of global illumination shading…

User model for visually impaired older adults

Petr Bílek Supervisor: Miroslav Macík
Older adults with severe vision impairment often live in residential care institutions that provide specialised care. This user group has specific needs, abilities, and preferences, primarily from the…

Illustrative visualization of the primary circuit of a nuclear power plant

Petr Brachaczek Supervisor: Ladislav Čmolík
In this thesis I am using complex illustrative methods to achieve effective display of complex objects composed of many parts. I combine multiple of these illustrative effects, dynamic labeling with simple…

Interactive tactile plans for visually impaired older adults

Dominika Palivcová Supervisor: Miroslav Macík
An interactive 3D model of the building which allows visually impaired older adults to explore the exterior of the building as well as the interior is being developed at the Department of Computer Graphics…

Mixed labeling: Integration of internal and external labeling

Václav Pavlovec Supervisor: Ladislav Čmolík
This master thesis focuses on automatic label placement. Labels can be positioned over a given object (Internal Labeling) or next to it and connected by a line (External Labeling). I attempt to combine…

Non-violent communication assistant

Miroslav Mazel Supervisor: Ivo Malý
This diploma thesis describes the design of a mobile application, the goal of which is to help parents solve conflicts with their children by applying Nonviolent Communication, and its subsequent implementation…

Non-linear Playback of Collection of Audio Samples for Video Games

Igor Kotov Supervisor: Adam Sporka
This master thesis is concerned with designing, implementing, and testing a digital signal processing algorithm that could detect all possible transition points within a rigid-beat music ?le so that its…

Example-based Non-photorealistic Rendering using Game Engine

Jiří Burýšek Supervisor: Daniel Sýkora
This work presents a solution for video game scene art stylization in video game engine Unity. The example-based stylization implements the StyleBlit algorithm and is able to provide results for an arbitrary…

Simulation of orographic clouds

Martin Čáp Supervisor: Jaroslav Sloup
Realistic cloud simulation is a hot topic in computer graphics research. In this thesis we present a possible approach of modeling orographic clouds using SkewT/LogP diagrams as proposed by Rui Pedro…

Master theses 2011

Solving large sparse systems of linear equations on GPU

Petra Kalinová Supervisor: Daniel Sýkora
This thesis focuses on solving large sparse linear systems which formulate problems, defined on a two dimensional grid, described by elliptic partial differential equations, the general Laplace-Beltrami…

Progressive Consistent Computation of Global Illumination

Michal Lukáč Supervisor: Vlastimil Havran
Progressiveness in a global illumination algorithm is a desirable, yet seldom considered property. We have decided to explore this class of algorithms with additional focus on estimate consistency and…

System supporting tourism of visually impaired people

Jan Balata Supervisor: Zdeněk Míkovec
The theoretical part of this thesis analyses the needs and problems of visually impaired tourists, proposes a software solution of a system designed to support the visually impaired in tourism. It consists…

Data Structures for Interpolation of Illumination with Radiance and Irradiance Caching

Ondřej Karlík Supervisor: Vlastimil Havran
Irradiance and radiance caching are important algorithms for solving the light transport problem in realistic image synthesis. They both require geometric search data structures for efficient rendering….

Multimedial interactive installation toolbox

Filip Pokorný Supervisor: Roman Berka
This disertation describes creation and implementation of system, which detects movements of user, discretization of its motion and prototype, which presents techniques used in project. Main emphasis…

Detector of facial landmarks

Michal Uřičář Supervisor: Jakub Franc
In this thesis we develop a detector of facial landmarks based on the Deformable Part Models. We treat the task of landmark detection as an instance of the structured output classification problem. We…

Modeling of burning solids

Michal Kalous Supervisor: Jaroslav Sloup
Master thesis describes a physical simulation of burning solids in computer graphics and its implementation. It is focused especially on simulation of material decomposition, heat distribution and object…

Master theses 2012

Mobile Application for Group Expenses and Its Deployment

David Vávra Supervisor: Zdeněk Míkovec
This thesis is about project Settle Up – a mobile application for organizing group expenses. It contains a description of Android implementation, but the main focus is on activity after the release such…

Global Illumination Computation for Augmented Reality

Tomáš Nikodým Supervisor: Vlastimil Havran
In order to merge virtual objects into a real scene seamlessly, it is important to maintain consistent common illumination. In this thesis, we propose a framework that captures high dynamic range light…

Intelligent Algorithms for Image Inpainting

Jakub Fišer Supervisor: Daniel Sýkora
The problem of synthesis of missing image parts represents an interesting area of image processing with significant potential. This thesis focuses on methods addressing the image inpainting problem using…

Global Illumination via Instant Radiosity

Tomáš Barák Supervisor: Vlastimil Havran
Global illumination algorithms form a fundamental part of the realistic image synthesis discipline. They consider the necessary indirect illumination component, and they usually produce highly plausible…

Educational Application for Preschool Children

Dagmar Tkadlecová Supervisor: Zdeněk Míkovec
Children are now living in a world that is no longer filled with real-life experience only: they can see fairies and monsters coming to life in modern rendered movies, and play with complicated electronic…

Master theses 2020

Tactile models for older adults with vision impairments

Dina Chernova Supervisor: Miroslav Macík
Older adults with severe vision impairments often live in residential care institutions that provide specialized care. This user group has specific needs, abilities, and preferences, primarily from the…

Support for advanced rigging techniques for the Unity3D game engine

Jakub Tkáč Supervisor: Radek Smetana
The goal of this thesis was to create advanced rigging techniques for game engine Unity. It allows techniques known as “twist joints” and “interpolation joints” to be used in Unity. In order to achieve…

Advanced Tool for Production of Visual Effects for Live Performances

Vadim Petru Supervisor: Adam Sporka
As live concerts and music performances generally transform into multimedia experiences new space opens for the exploration of the relation between sound and image. Skinny Mixer is a tool offering to…

Prototyping of touch user interfaces in cars

Markéta Hejná Supervisor: Ladislav Čmolík
The aim of this thesis is to design ways to simplify prototyping of touch car interfaces. Based on a set of requirements of these prototypes’ properties, I analysed several technologies used for user…

Conversational Interface for Secondary Tasks While Driving a Car

Lukáš Chvátal Supervisor: Zdeněk Míkovec
This thesis deals with interaction with car infotainment using a conversational interface with respect to the target group of older drivers. The main objective of this work is to analyse the behaviour…

Food and Beverage industry in VR and how it can enhance the user experience

Uršuľa Žákovská Supervisor: David Sedláček
The main goal of this thesis is to look into culinary and drinking experiences in Virtual reality (VR). How we can achieve them and what impact it will have on us. Examination of the two main approaches,…

Realistic metrics of 3D scenes

Vladimír Vlček Supervisor: Jakub Hendrich
The thesis deals with analysing the complexity of 3D scenes via metrics. Values of the metrics are compared to the performance of algorithms for rendering scenes. The result of this thesis is an application…

Description of Route Alternatives in Multimodal Transport for Blind Travelers

Victoria Usan Supervisor: Jan Balata
This master’s thesis focuses on supporting independent travelling of blind people. Although many applications offer navigation functions for unsighted users, they are not often asked whether the offered…

Conversational assistant for smart home

Rudolf Talácko Supervisor: Zdeněk Míkovec
The thesis deals with the design of a conversation assistant for a smart household. It is focused on the target group of visually impaired people and older adults. A prototype of a conversation assistant…

Motivation Methods for Crowdsourcing Accessibility Attributes

Michaela Riganová Supervisor: Jan Balata
A key to online crowdsourcing platforms is a sufficient amount of high-quality data collected by users. Therefore it is essential to define motivation methods which would attract a large crowd and make…

Applications to support the reduction and sorting of household waste

Eva Kopecká Supervisor: Ivo Malý
The objective of this thesis is to support the processes connected to waste separation and waste reduction in households. Its focus is aimed at informing the users and motivating them to act more environmentally…

Configurable Utility for Synthetic Dataset Creation

Tomáš Bubeníček Supervisor: Jiří Bittner
When evaluating existing computer vision algorithms or training new machine learning algorithms, large datasets of various images with ground truth, the ideal known solution to the currently solved problem,…

Realistic Remote Rendering for VR and Mobile Devices

Jaroslav Kravec Supervisor: Jiří Bittner
Wired VR headsets provide high visual quality, but restrain the user’s movement by being connected to PC with cable, and untethered headsets have only mobile GPU, which has relatively low performance….

Simulation of volcanic eruptions

Michael Očenášek Supervisor: Jaroslav Sloup
This master’s thesis is devoted to designing and implementation of application which can simulate lava flow in terrain. Aplication design is based on combination of previously presented solutions on similar…

Evaluation of pavement object data insertion techniques suitable for crowdsourcing

Dominik Siege Supervisor: Ivo Malý
This thesis deals with the issue of determining the exact position of objects placed on the city pavements in the map. It analyzes how the user orients himself on the map and which landmarks help him…

Multimodal interaction device for secondary tasks while driving

Petr Jarušek Supervisor: Zdeněk Míkovec
The thesis focuses on multimodal interaction with car infotainment system, more specifically combining conversational interface with tactile/haptic controls while focusing on older drivers. The main objectives…

Designing a modern high-level graphics API

Roman Galajda Supervisor: Jaroslav Sloup
The introduction of Vulkan, a low-level graphics API, in 2016 has presented an opportunity for developers to leverage the rendering and compute capabilities of modern graphics cards in a high performance,…

Master theses 2013

Deferred shading based extensible rendering pipeline

Daniel Šimek Supervisor: Jiří Bittner
Implementation of modern rendering pipeline based on deferred shading is discussed and realized in this work. We focus on extensibility by new advanced algorithms. Firstly methods used in real time are…

Motion capture using Kinect system

Petr Stolař Supervisor: Jan Buriánek
This thesis introduces the technology of motion capture, which is used for example in entertainment industry (movies, games, etc.), but also in medical practice, army and robotics. Motion capture is used…

File storage system for cloud environment

Martin Mudra Supervisor: Martin Klíma
Presented work deals with issues of file backup and synchronization implemented in a cloud computing technology. This work also describes problems of file versioning and long term storage of backuped…

Multi-platform game for multiple players

Jakub Wagner Supervisor: Adam Sporka
The goal of this Master thesis was to create a cross-platform multiplayer game. Part of this thesis was to design a user interface and to test it with users. The existence of the problem, when the same…

3D interior design software for tablet computers

Peter Šomló Supervisor: Michal Hapala
This thesis deals with creating an interior design application for tablet computers. It begins with the assessment of currently available interior design applications for both desktops and tablets. It…

Automatic generation of route description for visually impaired users

Jakub Bokšanský Supervisor: Zdeněk Míkovec
This work is dedicated to designing a system for generating route descriptions for visually impaired people. Complete system for creating such descriptions is designed and implemented. Work starts by…

Adaptive automatic assistance center for blind users who lost orientation

Jan Nováček Supervisor: Jan Balata
This thesis focuses on the problem of navigation of visually impaired people, especially in urban areas. The main objective of this thesis is to provide help to visually impaired people in situations…

Voxel Cone Tracing for Indirect Illumination

Tomáš Dřínovský Supervisor: Tomáš Barák
Indirect illumination is the fundamental part of realistic image synthesis. Its evaluation is computationally expansive and usually highly dependent on geometrical complexity of the scene. This thesis…

Rendering complex scenes using adaptive voxelization

Kryštof Valenta Supervisor: Jiří Bittner
This thesis aims to familiarize with the field of complex scenes. The necessity of using accelaration methods is discussed over GPU capabilities. A summary of scene simplification approaches is provided…

Master theses 2016

Interactive Visualization of Bounding Volume Hierarchies

Eva Mayerová Supervisor: Jiří Bittner
The thesis deals with current state of 3D hierarchical data structures visualisation, especially the bounding volume hierarchies (BVH). It summarizes current solutions and based on this comes up with…

Real-time global illumination using Cascaded Light Propagation Volumes

Petr Šefčík Supervisor: Vlastimil Havran
Computing global illumination is essential for synthesis of realistic looking images. Global illumination algorithms are however very computationally expensive and up until recently unfeasible to realize…

Efficient Ray Tracing of CSG Models

Markéta Karaffová Supervisor: Jiří Bittner
This work explores ray tracing of constructive solid geometry (CSG) and its acceleration in combination with ray tracing triangles. It proposes a way how to exploit Embree, a highly optimized library…

A Lightning Plug-in for the Foundry’s Nuke Compositor

Richard Dobřichovský Supervisor: Jaroslav Sloup
The goal of this thesis is to create a physically based lightning simulator for use within the VFX industry. The thesis studies the physics of real lightning creation and explores existing methods for…

Teaching of Transformations

Michal Folta Supervisor: Petr Felkel
Geometric transformations in computer graphics are very important. For many people it is a big problem to understand, as evidenced by the large number of printed publications and tutorials on this topic….