Realtime 3D Reconstruction and Localization in Virtual Reality

Marek Římal Supervisor: David Sedláček Bachelor thesis 2019
This work deals with the problem of realtime localization in virtual reality using depth data, especially in the context of monitoring a user's position, his navigation in the known space and stability of the virtual world. A model obtained by 3D reconstruction is used to prevent any collision between the user and the physical world. The first part of the work analyzes depth cameras and localization techniques and principles. Based on the analysis is presented concrete equipment, which is further used in the work. That is an Acer Windows Mixed Reality headset and a camera ZED mini. This work also concerns the design and implementation of the application in the Unity Game Engine. The application is used to test chosen devices based on their ability to localize in space. In conclusion, these devices are evaluated based on the results obtained with human testing.