Adding Depth to Cartoons Using Sparse Depth (In)equalities

Daniel Sýkora David Sedláček Sun Jinchao John Dingliana Steven Collins
Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of Eurographics 2010) 29(2):615-623, 2010

Real-time Color Ball Tracking for Augmented Reality

Proceedings of Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments, pp. 9-16, 2008


Black Hole visualization in virtual reality with 360° camera

Jakub Peleška Bachelor thesis 2021
This bachelor thesis shows a process of visualization of black holes. To maximize the level of user immersion virtual reality and 360 video background was used. Low computation complexity is the main...

Outdoor AR with 360 panorama

Jan Hamet Bachelor thesis 2021
This bachelor thesis talks about the use of mobile libraries for augmented reality that are used to show 360° panoramas of Langweil paper model of Prague from 19th century. First, there are disscussed...

Multiplatform applications in advanced reality for Earth satellite visualization

Vojtech Pospíšil Bachelor thesis 2020
This thesis deals with the development of a multiplatform mobile application visualizing the positions of Earth satellites and GPS ground segment using augmented reality. The thesis aims to acquaint the...

Sound in VR

Jozef Skála Bachelor thesis 2020
The aim of my thesis was sound addition to an educational VR application ESERO cesta na Mesiac created by Ing. Ondrej Okluský. Sound addition is used to enhance and improve user’s virtual reality experience....

Fighting Games

Alexandra Petrova Bachelor thesis 2020
This bachelor's thesis deals with the analysis of game mechanics of the fighting game genre. I use this analysis to design and implement a prototype of my own fighting game. Afterwards, I propose a design...

Real object monitoring in virtual reality

Jan Lazarek Bachelor thesis 2020
The subject of this work is a research of possibilities of usage of recognition and tracking of color-coded objects by depth camera and usage of the tracking data in VR applications. For this task, I...

Adaptation of building strategy in virtual reality

Veronika Petrova Bachelor thesis 2020
This work deals with adaptation of building strategy in VR. It focuses on implementing said genre of video games in VR and tries to fully utilize everything the platform allows. For research of the presented...

Food and Beverage industry in VR and how it can enhance the user experience

Uršuľa Žákovská Master thesis 2020
The main goal of this thesis is to look into culinary and drinking experiences in Virtual reality (VR). How we can achieve them and what impact it will have on us. Examination of the two main approaches,...

Music game in virtual reality

Isa Skořepů Bachelor thesis 2020
This thesis describes development of game PaintPong for Virtual Reality. Its main game mechanic is deflecting colored balls in precise time to music and using them to color as much of the surroundings...

Piano play in virtual reality

Tereza Preislerová Bachelor thesis 2019
The aim of this thesis was to create a game that enables users to play the piano in virtual reality. For this purpose Leap Motion technology was used to track hand movement. In this music game user plays...

Realtime 3D Reconstruction and Localization in Virtual Reality

Marek Římal Bachelor thesis 2019
This work deals with the problem of realtime localization in virtual reality using depth data, especially in the context of monitoring a user's position, his navigation in the known space and stability...

Introduction to Solar System through Virtual Reality application

Jordan Moravenov Bachelor thesis 2018
I am fascinated by the opportunities that virtual reality offers us and I am interested in using this perspective technology for education. I created educational application to present the objects of...

Interactive 360-video in Virtual Reality

Mikoláš Zuza Master thesis 2017
This thesis describes the process of recording and playing spherical videos and the process of creating interactive stereoscopic spherical content for HMD. After the research of software used for scene...

Operator Station for Visualization and Control of Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles

Roman Janovský Master thesis 2017
The goal of my master thesis is to create visualisation of unmanned (aerial) vehicles, which are small and fast objects, and connect it to AgentFly simulator. It also tests how useful would be use of...

Automatic D2 test evaluation by computer vision

Petr Bílek Bachelor thesis 2017
This bachelor thesis deals with automatization of evaluation of d2 test. D2 test is a psychological test which is currently evaluated manually and its evaluation takes a relatively long amount of time....

Procedural modelling of objects in Maya

Ondřej Chvíla Bachelor thesis 2016
The purpose of the bachelor thesis is the design and subsequent implementation of a set of scripts with user interface in the MEL scripting language for modeling software Autodesk Maya. The scripts allow...

Black holes interactive visualization

Ivan Platonov Bachelor thesis 2016
This bachelor thesis presents a complete process of creating a real-time visualization of some of the most unexplored objects in the universe - black holes. It describes the basics of black holes nature...

Interactive gallery of Leonardo da Vinci models

Karel Zavřel Bachelor thesis 2015
The aim of this work is to carry out the reader through the whole process of the development of interactive application. The work is trying to outline some modeling techniques that are used to create...

Mobile application for gift recommendation

Jan Sládek Bachelor thesis 2015
This bachelor project intends to participate in solving the problem of choosing a suitable present, which millions of people have to cope with several times a year. The mobile application developed as...

Scripts for animation rig creation

Radek Smetana Master thesis 2015
The diploma thesis deals with the preparation of computer model for animation. This process, also known as rigging, is present during creation of most of computer effects. The aim of the thesis is to...

E-learning for ANDROID tablet

Jiří Rychlovský Bachelor thesis 2015
This bachelor thesis informs about a project of developing interactive taskbooks for elementary and secondary schools. At the beginning of the thesis there is an analysis of another existing taskbooks...

Augmented Reality for education

Jaroslav Havelík Master thesis 2015
This thesis focuses on the creation of mobile application for tablets, which covers high school curriculum of electrical circuits, using elements of augmented reality. Main issues of the thesis are selection...

Accurate 3D model of DCGI corridor

Tomáš Kraus Bachelor thesis 2014
The purpose of this bachelor thesis is to create 3D model of two corridors and a loft in section of building FEE CTU near Karl’s square. Description of theoretical basics in 3D graphic, including light...

E-learning for ANDROID tablet

Josef Veselý Bachelor thesis 2014
This bachelor thesis deals mainly with the user interface design of interactive textbooks for an Android tablets with the display size at least 9"

Semi-automatic tool for 2D annotation of architectural elements

Renata Musilová Bachelor thesis 2013
Thesis describes analysis, design and implementation of simple tool for 2D annotation of architectural elements. User defines set of architectural elements. Saved annotations can be displayed and edited....

Point cloud planar segmentation

Daniel Princ Bachelor thesis 2012
This bachelor's thesis concerns about point cloud processing, specifically about planar segmentation of point clouds. Planar segmentation finds its use in 3D digital reconstruction of objects from the...

Humanoid model

Radek Smetana Bachelor thesis 2011
The following BA thesis deals with creating a humanoid model with the Autodesk Maya software. The work builds upon acquired knowledge from the Y39KMA subject, during which another humanoid model was produced...

The rules of 3D models reusability

Michal Majerník Bachelor thesis 2011
The goal of this project is to create rules, which will lead to production of reused model for 4 kinds of reusability. In this work I will deal with formats, which are appropriate for saving a model and...


Langweil Model of Prague as an Educational Tool

The aim of the project is to support the cooperation of the Prague City Museum and primary and secondary schools from all over the Czech Republic through newly created interactive (digital-educational...