Food and Beverage industry in VR and how it can enhance the user experience

Uršuľa Žákovská Supervisor: David Sedláček Master thesis 2020
The main goal of this thesis is to look into culinary and drinking experiences in Virtual reality (VR). How we can achieve them and what impact it will have on us. Examination of the two main approaches, fictional flavours simulated during the VR experience and real food enhanced with VR features, was conducted and a review of current market solutions was performed. Because eventually my goal is to prototype a multiplayer experience that can work on its own but is enriched with drinking, a simple examination of games and game mechanics was conducted too. As a results of the previous analysis and an example of their practical usage, a VR game was designed and its prototype implemented in Unity game engine. Then it was successfully installed onto the desktop PCs with Oculus Rift S headsets and evaluated by usability tests.