Computer Graphics Group (CGG)

prof. Jiří Žára

  • Realistic image synthesis (real-time rendering, production rendering).
  • Analysis, representation, and rendering of complex 3D scenes.
  • Simulation and rendering of natural phenomena.
  • Virtual and augmented reality.

Human Computer Interaction Center (HCI Center)

prof. Pavel Slavík

  • Multimodal user interfaces (visual, audio, haptic, gestures).
  • Special user interfaces (mobile applications, industry applications, intelligent household, iDTV).
  • Accessibility (visually impaired people, motor impaired people, elder people).

Institut Intermédií (IIM)

 Dr. Roman Berka

  • Transdisciplinary research in technology, science, performance and the arts.
  • Collaborations between students, artists, academics and scientists.
  • Virtual and mixed realities, multimedia, net art, interactive installations, electronic and generative music synthesis, motion-capture and distributed sensing