Scatterplot visualization of hierarchically clustered data

The focus of this work is interactive visualization of scatterplots with hundreds of thousands of data points where the points are organized into hierarchy…

Design of an app for distance learning

In order to tackle educational disparities caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, schools in the Czech Republic (and around the world) transitioned to unconventional…

2D painting in VR

This thesis focuses on analysing digital painting methods and their possible implementations in terms of virtual reality with the goal of creating a virtual…

Night Sky Rendering

The matter of this thesis is a rendering OpenGL application written in C++. The application aims to render the sky in real-time, including all its essential…

A faithful model of a locomotive

This thesis is interested in finding of an accurate implementation of steam engine simulation in Train Simulator.

Computer Graphics Group (CGG)

prof. Jiří Žára

  • Realistic image synthesis (real-time rendering, production rendering).
  • Analysis, representation, and rendering of complex 3D scenes.
  • Simulation and rendering of natural phenomena.
  • Virtual and augmented reality.

Human Computer Interaction Center (HCI Center)

prof. Pavel Slavík

  • Multimodal user interfaces (visual, audio, haptic, gestures).
  • Special user interfaces (mobile applications, industry applications, intelligent household, iDTV).
  • Accessibility (visually impaired people, motor impaired people, elder people).

Institut Intermédií (IIM)

 Dr. Roman Berka

  • Transdisciplinary research in technology, science, performance and the arts.
  • Collaborations between students, artists, academics and scientists.
  • Virtual and mixed realities, multimedia, net art, interactive installations, electronic and generative music synthesis, motion-capture and distributed sensing