User evaluation of label placement rules

Lilian Machulda Supervisor: Ladislav Čmolík Master thesis 2023
In the last few decades, we have witnessed a massive rise in computer usage. This has also led to the rise of online map services. When we compare the label placement in an online environment with physical maps, we can observe a significant difference in the mindset of such design. For this reason, we have decided to research the influence of label placement methods on the users of online map services. We will be comparing the label placement methods of Google Maps with two custom-made methods that follow the principles of a label placement ruleset designed by Prof. Eduard Imhof in 1962 (republished in English in 1975). Our goal is to validate the ruleset in an online environment and compare it with label placement methods of Google Maps - since they seem to have their own principles.
Dean's award for outstanding master thesis