Mixed Labeling: Integrating Internal and External Labels

Ladislav Čmolík Václav Pavlovec Hsiang-Yun Wu Martin Nöllenburg
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 28(4):1848-1861, 2022

Rapid Labels: Point-Feature Labeling on GPU

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 28(1):604-613, 2022

Labels on Levels: Labeling of Multi-Scale Multi-Instance and Crowded 3D Biological Environments

David Kouřil Ladislav Čmolík Barbora Kozlíková Hsiang-Yun Wu Graham Johnson David S. Goodsell Arthur Olson Eduard Groller Ivan Viola
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 25(1):977-986, 2019

Real-time External Labeling of Ghosted Views

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 25(7):2458-2470, 2019

On the Selection of 2D Objects Using External Labeling

Proceedings of SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, pp. 2255-2258, 2014


3D logic game

Sára Veselá Bachelor thesis 2023
This thesis analyzes the game design and the game principles of 3D logic computer games, particularly logic games that alter the game environment. Based on this analysis, I designed 3D logic game from...

Scatterplot visualization of hierarchically clustered data

Daniel Gruncl Master thesis 2023
The focus of this work is interactive visualization of scatterplots with hundreds of thousands of data points where the points are organized into hierarchy of clusters. The visualization automatically...

User evaluation of label placement rules

Lilian Machulda Master thesis 2023
In the last few decades, we have witnessed a massive rise in computer usage. This has also led to the rise of online map services. When we compare the label placement in an online environment with physical...

Web application for tabular data visualization

Zuzana Štětinová Master thesis 2022
This master's thesis discusses the design and implementation of an application for tabular data visualization in a Web environment. The application is used to visualize tabular user data with quantitative...

Modeling and animation of quadrupeds

Julie Trollerová Bachelor thesis 2022
This thesis is dedicated to modelling and animating quadrupeds, especially to create assets to be used in video games. It provides an overview of the theory and methods used while making such assets....

3D first-person logic game

Lucie Veverková Bachelor thesis 2021
This thesis provides an analysis of the best principles of creating a good puzzle game, the overall process of level design, the most common modeling techniques, and the best practices of creating modular...

Management of large-scale traffic sensor data using geospatial context

Lucia Semanová Master thesis 2021
This thesis aims to implement a prototype of a system for the visualization and management of traffic sensors. In order to design the prototype, user research with experienced traffic engineers was performed...

Clustering and visualization of tabular data with nominal attributes

Štefan Okruhlica Master thesis 2021
This master's thesis discusses the different approaches to the clustering and subsequent visualization of nominal and ordinal data. As such, it explains the tabular dataset, defines attribute types, and...

Game engine for Minecraft-like games

Zdeněk Kolář Bachelor thesis 2021
The theme of this Bachelor thesis is generating and rendering Minecraft-like game environments. Minecraft-like games are specific by seemingly endless procedurally generated volumetric worlds, where a...

Logic 3D game

Petr Varga Bachelor thesis 2021
This work analyses the process of designing games, the mechanics of logic games, and the creation of modular components. I use the analysis to design a game of my own and develop it in the Unity game...

Application for design and export of racing tracks

Mykola Isaiev Bachelor thesis 2020
The creation of auto race track three-dimensional scenes requires knowledge of specific software and can be time-consuming. The Smart Driving Solutions research center uses Cruden Panthera driving simulator...

Prototyping of touch user interfaces in cars

Markéta Hejná Master thesis 2020
The aim of this thesis is to design ways to simplify prototyping of touch car interfaces. Based on a set of requirements of these prototypes' properties, I analysed several technologies used for user...

Illustrative visualization of the primary circuit of a nuclear power plant

Petr Brachaczek Master thesis 2019
In this thesis I am using complex illustrative methods to achieve effective display of complex objects composed of many parts. I combine multiple of these illustrative effects, dynamic labeling with simple...

Mixed labeling: Integration of internal and external labeling

Václav Pavlovec Master thesis 2019
This master thesis focuses on automatic label placement. Labels can be positioned over a given object (Internal Labeling) or next to it and connected by a line (External Labeling). I attempt to combine...

Visualization of n-dimensional heterogenous data

Martin Janda Master thesis 2018
This master thesis is concerned with a design and implementation of application for visualization of n-dimensional heterogeneous data. Firstly, there are analysed methods used for visualization of n-dimension...

Visualization of cloud computational power and memory consumption

Karel Kovařovic Master thesis 2018
The thesis deals with the problem of visualization of server cloud, namely visualization of memory and processor load of individual virtual machines in relation to the specified server. To this end the...

Visualization of network flow in cloud infrastructure

Pavel Podaný Master thesis 2018
Modern cloud computer systems show an increasing growth in presence and complexity and as such many of them can contain hundreds or even thousands of unique inner networks. Such infrastructures might...

Design and implementation of software for transparency perception test

Eliška Kuběnová Master thesis 2018
This thesis deals with an analysis of non-photorealistic methods for visualization of 3D objects. These methods should improve the perception of three factors: shape, depth and depth-order, and their...

Visualization of n-dimensional heterogenous data

Jakub Groll Master thesis 2017
This thesis deals with a method of rendering volumetric data, which allows us to combine various visualization techniques while accumulating color and transparency along the ray. The aim of this work...

Interaction with 3D Objects in Virtual Reality

Tereza Kašparová Bachelor thesis 2016
The theoretical part deals with analysis/selection of devices for displaying virtual reality, selected devices for interacting with 3D objects and analysis/selection of 3D cursors. It also discusses the...

Procedural Modeling of Cities Changing in Time

Petr Frantál Bachelor thesis 2016
This bachelor thesis introduces the possibilities of creation of 3D models of cities that evolve in time. We intend to use procedural modeling for this task. First we present a motivation for the creation...

Visualization of inner structure of complex 3D objects based on opacity modulation

Tomáš Pastýřík Master thesis 2015
This thesis addresses problem of rendering semi-transparent objects and the enhancement by~opacity modulation to reveal object's internal structures. Illustration Buffer - algorithm solving the Order...

Illustrating how mechanical assemblies work

Markéta Štětovská Master thesis 2014
The task of this work is to analyze possible ways to illustrate the function of the system, which consists of several mechanical parts, e.g., a system of gears, and to design and implement application...

Visual development environment for multi-pass rendering

Tomáš Dřínovský Bachelor thesis 2010
This bachelor thesis deals with the design of a visual representation of the elements of the multi-pass rendering. Next, the software for visual creation of effects of the multi-pass rendering is designed...


Visual Computing Competence Center (V3C)

The mission of the centre is a research and development in the area of Visual Computing, especially in automobile and movie industry. The task is to develop techniques for interactive, semiautomatic,...

Center for Computer Graphics (CPG)

The Center for Computer Graphics covers computer graphics groups of four prominent universities in the Czech Republic: Czech Technical University in Prague, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Masaryk...

Mobile Knowledge Management (MUMMY)

A big, and still rising percentage of workers is doing at least in parts mobile business work. From the IT point of view, one of the immediate consequences is the increasing demand for being integrated...

Total System Approach to Safety Performance Measurement in Aviation Organizations

The goal of the project is to increase safety intelligence of complex aviation organizations by proposing a way of measurement and visualization of organizations’ safety performance based on systemic...