doc. Ing. Jiří Bittner Ph.D.

doc. Ing. Jiří Bittner Ph.D.

Deputy Head for CG Research


QuadStack: An Efficient Representation and Direct Rendering of Layered Datasets

Alejandro Graciano Antonio J. Rueda Adam Pospíšil Jiří Bittner Bedřich Beneš
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 27(9):3733-3744, 2021

Spatio-temporal BRDF: Modeling and Synthesis

Daniel Meister Adam Pospíšil Imari Sato Jiří Bittner
Computers & Graphics 97(1):279-291, 2021

Ray Classification for Accelerated BVH Traversal

Jakub Hendrich Adam Pospíšil Daniel Meister Jiří Bittner
Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of EGSR 2019) 38(4):49-56, 2019

Real-time External Labeling of Ghosted Views

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 25(7):2458-2470, 2019

Parallel Locally-Ordered Clustering for Bounding Volume Hierarchy Construction

Daniel Meister Jiří Bittner
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 24(3):1345-1353, 2018

Parallel Reinsertion for Bounding Volume Hierarchy Optimization

Daniel Meister Jiří Bittner
Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of Eurographics 2018) 37(2):463-473, 2018

Parallel BVH Construction using Progressive Hierarchical Refinement

Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of Eurographics 2017) 36(2):487-494, 2017

Parallel BVH Construction using K-Means Clustering

Daniel Meister Jiří Bittner
The Visual Computer (Proceedings of CGI 2016) 32(6):977-987, 2016

Parallel On-Demand Hierarchy Construction on Contemporary GPUs

Marek Vinkler Vlastimil Havran Jiří Bittner Jiří Sochor
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 22(7):1886-1898, 2016

CHC+RT: Coherent Hierarchical Culling for Ray Tracing

Oliver Mattausch Jiří Bittner Alberto Jaspe Villanueva Enrico Gobbetti Michael Wimmer Renato Pajarola
Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of Eurographics 2015) 34(2):537-548, 2015

Incremental BVH Construction for Ray Tracing

Computers & Graphics 47(1):135-144, 2015

T-SAH: Animation Optimized Bounding Volume Hierarchies

Jiří Bittner Daniel Meister
Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of Eurographics 2015) 34(2):527-536, 2015

Temporally Coherent Adaptive Sampling for Imperfect Shadow Maps

Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of EGSR 2013) 32(4):87-96, 2013

Shadow Caster Culling for Efficient Shadow Mapping

Jiří Bittner Oliver Mattausch Ari Silvennoinen Michael Wimmer
Proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games, pp. 81-88, 2011

Adaptive Global Visibility Sampling

Jiří Bittner Oliver Mattausch Peter Wonka Vlastimil Havran Michael Wimmer
ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 2009) 28(3):94, 2009

CHC++ – Coherent Hierarchical Culling Revisited

Oliver Mattausch Jiří Bittner Michael Wimmer
Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of Eurographics 2008) 27(2):221-230, 2008

Visibility-driven Mesh Analysis and Visualization through Graph Cuts

Kaichi Zhou Eugene Zhang Jiří Bittner Peter Wonka
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (Proceedings of IEEE Visualization 2008) 14(6):1667-1674, 2008

Optimized Subdivisions for Preprocessed Visibility

Oliver Mattausch Jiří Bittner Peter Wonka Michael Wimmer
Proceedings of Graphics Interface, pp. 335-342, 2007

Ray Tracing with Sparse Boxes

Proceedings of Spring Conference on Computer Graphics, pp. 49-54, 2007

Adaptive Visibility-Driven View Cell Construction

Oliver Mattausch Jiří Bittner Michael Wimmer
Proceedings of Eurographics Symposium on Rendering, pp. 195-205, 2006


Efficient sampling for computing complex illumination in real-time

Karel Tomanec Master thesis 2023
This thesis delves into advanced techniques for real-time computation of complex direct and indirect illumination, focusing on Reservoir-based SpatioTemporal Importance Resampling (ReSTIR). It offers...

Simulating artificial inteligence in games

Matěj Gargula Bachelor thesis 2023
Almost every game today contains some sort of artificial intelligence simulation. One of the most popular is the simulation of artificial intelligence for non-player characters. These simulations are...

Using Game Engine for Note Taking and Sharing

Ivan Oryshchenko Bachelor thesis 2023
This thesis is about the design and development of a note-taking app that combines effective studying techniques, gamifies the study process, and lets users freely explore each other’s notes. Here I summarize...

Procedural generation of outdoor scenes

Ondřej Kyzr Bachelor thesis 2023
This bachelor thesis describes an implementation of an easy-to-use tool for the game engine Unity, which can procedurally generate outdoor scenes. The tool is split into several generators so that the...

Materials Library in Unity

Fedor Timushev Bachelor thesis 2023
This project has covered and described the problems of modeling the appearance of materials, with an emphasis on physically based models. The topics of material creation with shader graphs were also touched,...

Rendering pipeline implementation using GPGPU techniques

Jakub Profota Bachelor thesis 2023
This bachelor thesis implements a basic graphics pipeline using general-purpose computing techniques on modern graphics processing units. The implementation in CUDA focuses on efficient parallel rasterization...

Game Development Demos – Game Physics

Daniel Jiřík Bachelor thesis 2022
Physics is a common problem in current games. However, if you would have asked an average player a simple question, how does the in-game physics work, he/she would probably have a hard time finding the...

Materials Appearance in Unity

Jakub Kyselka Bachelor thesis 2022
The main goal of this thesis is to describe the main BRDF functions, empirical and physical, used for calculating the amount of reflected light in materials and compare Unity's main graphical pipelines...

Dynamic Diffuse Global Illumination

Michal Hvězda Master thesis 2022
We present our implementation of a recent real-time global illumination method based on irradiance fields, which uses ray tracing to approximate multiple bounces of light transmission in a virtual scene....

Path Tracing using Vulkan AP

Matvii Bunin Bachelor thesis 2021
This work overviews basic techniques of ray tracing as well as the structure of Vulkan API and shows how to use them to create a path tracer. The related implementation is built from ground up and is...

Direct Rendering of Procedural Models

Alexander Temnyakov Bachelor thesis 2021
Projects in the field of 3D graphics may be focused on rendering large scenes with a big number of objects. A human is not able to create all objects manually in a reasonable amount of time. To avoid...

Visual Simulation of Rain

Giang Chau Nguyenová Master thesis 2021
The project of the thesis focuses on increasing visual diversity in traffic simulators by simulating multiple rain phenomena, which can be seen in the real world. Thorough research of existing methods...

Web Portal for Augmented Reality Preparation

Michal Mráz Bachelor thesis 2021
The object of this bachelor thesis is the design and implementation of a web application for creation of augmented reality content. The application is developed using Javascript, HTML and CSS. It uses...

Personal health diary – mobile application

Daniela Hradilová Bachelor thesis 2021
The aim of this thesis is to design, implement and test a mobile application for a regular monitoring of personal health information. The application should allow a wide range of user specific health-related...

Procedural generation of videogame environments

Jan Kutálek Bachelor thesis 2021
There are many features in games that take a lot of time and resources to develop. That is why this thesis is focused on procedurally generated content, precisely dungeon environments, and generates video...

Creation of modular 3D assets for videogames

Alena Mikushina Bachelor thesis 2020
In order to keep up with the ever-increasing player's demand for higher visual fidelity of game environments, artists are continually implementing new modelling techniques and production methods into...

Realistic Remote Rendering for VR and Mobile Devices

Jaroslav Kravec Master thesis 2020
Wired VR headsets provide high visual quality, but restrain the user's movement by being connected to PC with cable, and untethered headsets have only mobile GPU, which has relatively low performance....

Configurable Utility for Synthetic Dataset Creation

Tomáš Bubeníček Master thesis 2020
When evaluating existing computer vision algorithms or training new machine learning algorithms, large datasets of various images with ground truth, the ideal known solution to the currently solved problem,...

Evaluation of player performance – methodology and implementation

Michal Pozník Bachelor thesis 2020
The matter of this work is the analysis of the possible ways of evaluating player action in computer games and the implementation of a module, which would be able to offer such evaluation as feedback....

Scalable traffic simulation in the system SCREW

Vít Neckář Bachelor thesis 2020
This thesis describes the current implementation of drivers' behaviour in VRUT and suggests its improvement.

Implementation of rendering system in Rust

Eduard Lavuš Bachelor thesis 2020
Vulkan is today the de-facto standard for open cross-platform real-time graphics rendering. It allows the developers to leverage the performance of GPUs on many platforms thanks to its uniform design...

Creating Realistic Environments using Photogrammetry

Daniel Hanák Bachelor thesis 2019
When creating a realistic environment for games, we want to achieve maximum credibility of our scene. Simultaneously we want to render everything in real-time. Creating realistic vegetation, trees, and...

Real-Time Global Illumination using Irradiance Probes

Šimon Sedláček Master thesis 2019
I present two extensions to a recently introduced method for real-time global illumination based on sparse irradiance caching. The first extension allows the computation of global illumination shading...

Optimizing Acceleration Data Structures for Photorealistic Rendering

Michal Navrátil Master thesis 2018
This thesis discusses optimization methods of bounding volume hierarchy and their usage in ray tracing algorithms. Based on the analysis of the used PBRT software, a number of methods combining a view...

Efficient Rendering of Earth Surface for Air Traffic Visualization

Vojtěch Kaiser Master thesis 2018
When rendering large-scale scenes, we do encounter a different set of issues than in scenes usually used in games or cinematography. These need to be addressed at the lower level of used visualization...

Global Illumination Filtering for Interactive Applications

Jan Dundr Master thesis 2018
Rendering 3D scenes with both fast and accurate global illumination is still a very tough problem: there is a large number of methods giving approximate results, each one with different compromise. Path...

Comparison of Unity and Unreal Engine

Antonín Šmíd Bachelor thesis 2017
Contemporary game engines are invaluable tools for game development. There are numerous engines available, each of which excels in certain features. To compare them I have developed a simple game engine...

Models of 3D Scenes for a Driving Simulator

Petr Brachaczek Bachelor thesis 2017
This bachelor thesis presents rebuilding of~large exterior scene and its rendering in~VRUT application. In addition the~thesis describes theory about real time rendering and representation of models and...

Visualizing Information on the Web

Róbert Čepa Bachelor thesis 2016
The aim of this thesis is to investigate available tools for visualizing data on the web, to analyze and evaluate these tools by visualization possibilities of var- ious data types, interaction possibilities...

Interactive Visualization of Bounding Volume Hierarchies

Eva Mayerová Master thesis 2016
The thesis deals with current state of 3D hierarchical data structures visualisation, especially the bounding volume hierarchies (BVH). It summarizes current solutions and based on this comes up with...

Efficient Ray Tracing of CSG Models

Markéta Karaffová Master thesis 2016
This work explores ray tracing of constructive solid geometry (CSG) and its acceleration in combination with ray tracing triangles. It proposes a way how to exploit Embree, a highly optimized library...

Water Simulation using Wave Particles

Daniel Mikeš Master thesis 2015
When rendering large bodies of water in real-time an efficient method is required to model water waves. This thesis describes a method for real-time interactive generation of such waves. We use the wave...

Comparison of Ray Tracing Libraries

David Král Bachelor thesis 2015
Casting or tracing rays are techniques used in computer graphic for rendering images by tracing the path of light through pixels of an image plane. These techniques are trying their best to simulate phenomena...

Efficient Sampling for Instant Radiosity

Tereza Hyková Master thesis 2014
Indirect illumination is a very important component of realistic image synthesis. It captures subtle interreflection effects, such as color bleeding, that give us important clues about the scene. It is...

Methods for Fast Construction of Bounding Volume Hierarchies

Daniel Meister Master thesis 2014
The bounding volume hierarchy is one of the most common acceleration data structures used in computer graphics. This thesis is about a fast parallel construction of bounding volume hierarchies on the...

Efficient methods for computing complex global illumination effects

Robin Hub Master thesis 2014
Computing a photo realistic image of an arbitrary virtual scene in an affordable amount of time is still an open problem. Often, one has to trade certain illumination effects for speed. However, the recently...

Rendering complex scenes using adaptive voxelization

Kryštof Valenta Master thesis 2013
This thesis aims to familiarize with the field of complex scenes. The necessity of using accelaration methods is discussed over GPU capabilities. A summary of scene simplification approaches is provided...

Deferred shading based extensible rendering pipeline

Daniel Šimek Master thesis 2013
Implementation of modern rendering pipeline based on deferred shading is discussed and realized in this work. We focus on extensibility by new advanced algorithms. Firstly methods used in real time are...

Genesis – game engine kernel

Michal Červenka Bachelor thesis 2009
Behind the wonderful graphics, animations and storytelling of today’s games, there lies the powerful game engine, which is the key to the ultimate game experience. The game engine, which can be described...


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