Direct Rendering of Procedural Models

Alexander Temnyakov Supervisor: Jiří Bittner Bachelor thesis 2021
Projects in the field of 3D graphics may be focused on rendering large scenes with a big number of objects. A human is not able to create all objects manually in a reasonable amount of time. To avoid such a problem, the objects may be created by a program instead of the human. In 3D applications, the polygons of 3D models usually are stored in the memory. This approach consumes it much. To reduce memory consumption, the polygons may be created procedurally at run time on demand instead of storing them in the memory. When using the path tracing algorithm, light sources may be a problem. They can be small, so the rays almost never hit them. They can be big, so they have a redundant influence on the environment. The target of this work is to develop an algorithm of rendering with a nontraditional geometry representation in which the polygons are not stored in the memory; to develop an algorithm of procedural object creation, to implement a rendering application that uses this geometry representation and also focuses on light sources and to evaluate the algorithm and the implementation by comparison with the traditional geometry representation.