Misalignment in Semantic User Model Elicitation via Conversational Agents: A Case Study in Navigation Support for Visually Impaired People

Jakub Berka Jan Balata Catholijn M. Jonker Zdeněk Míkovec M. Birna van Riemsdijk Myrthe L. Tielman
International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction 38(18-20):1909-1925, 2022

KoalaPhone: TouchScreen Mobile Phone UI for Active Seniors

Jan Balata Zdeněk Míkovec Tomáš Slavíček
Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces 9(4):263-273, 2015

Navigation Problems in Blind-to-Blind Pedestrians Tele-assistance Navigation

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Collaborative Navigation of Visually Impaired

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On the Selection of 2D Objects Using External Labeling

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Universal Cardfile Application

Kryštof Novák Master thesis 2023
This thesis deals with the design of a universal card-file application. It is based on my experience with the development and long-term public deployment of the Matlafous Kartotéka application, on the...

Production process visualization

Anastasia Surikova Master thesis 2022
People who work in the manufacturing industry have to deal with a large amount of stress daily. Late material delivery, violation of a product deadline, or inevitable human factor could be possible reasons...

Multimodal interaction device for secondary tasks while driving

Petr Jarušek Master thesis 2020
The thesis focuses on multimodal interaction with car infotainment system, more specifically combining conversational interface with tactile/haptic controls while focusing on older drivers. The main objectives...

Conversational Interface for Secondary Tasks While Driving a Car

Lukáš Chvátal Master thesis 2020
This thesis deals with interaction with car infotainment using a conversational interface with respect to the target group of older drivers. The main objective of this work is to analyse the behaviour...

Conversational assistant for smart home

Rudolf Talácko Master thesis 2020
The thesis deals with the design of a conversation assistant for a smart household. It is focused on the target group of visually impaired people and older adults. A prototype of a conversation assistant...

Suppressing distractors from driver’s field of view

Tomáš Kolařík Master thesis 2018
First, I review the distraction caused by roadside advertisement. In the work, I focus on billboards. I name most common billboard types and the distraction they cause. Then, I create two methods to potentially...

Web application for project planning of special effects and post-production company

Ondřej Chvíla Master thesis 2018
The purpose of the thesis is to create a prototype of a web application that allows planning and visualization of tasks on particular projects for the trick and post-production company. Using a suitable...

WheelGo – Route planning for wheelchair users

Martin Nuc Master thesis 2014
This work deals with a problem of navigation for people in wheelchair using available map data and crowdsourcing. It describes typical difficulties of wheelchair users during the transportation and compares...

Automatic generation of route description for visually impaired users

Jakub Bokšanský Master thesis 2013
This work is dedicated to designing a system for generating route descriptions for visually impaired people. Complete system for creating such descriptions is designed and implemented. Work starts by...

Educational Application for Preschool Children

Dagmar Tkadlecová Master thesis 2012
Children are now living in a world that is no longer filled with real-life experience only: they can see fairies and monsters coming to life in modern rendered movies, and play with complicated electronic...

Mobile Application for Group Expenses and Its Deployment

David Vávra Master thesis 2012
This thesis is about project Settle Up - a mobile application for organizing group expenses. It contains a description of Android implementation, but the main focus is on activity after the release such...

System supporting tourism of visually impaired people

Jan Balata Master thesis 2011
The theoretical part of this thesis analyses the needs and problems of visually impaired tourists, proposes a software solution of a system designed to support the visually impaired in tourism. It consists...

UI of the interaction model for developers

Ondřej Havelka Bachelor thesis 2011
This thesis deals with design (and implementation) of a user interface of the interaction model for developers. The interaction model will be used by developers to design accessible applications. The...

Reproduction of 2D graphic piece of work for visually imaired users in mobile environment

Miloslav Rejha Bachelor thesis 2009
Goal of this project was to choose a suitable software platform for blind or heavily visually impaired users, which allows them to manipulate 2D piece of graphic work in mobile environment. A prototype...


Visual Computing Competence Center (V3C)

The mission of the centre is a research and development in the area of Visual Computing, especially in automobile and movie industry. The task is to develop techniques for interactive, semiautomatic,...

Virtual and Augmented Environments and Realistic User Interactions To achieve Embedded Accessibility DesignS (VERITAS)

VERITAS aims to develop, validate and assess tools for built-in accessibility support at all stages of ICT and non-ICT product development, including specification, design, development and testing. The...

Intuitive Interaction for Everyone with Home Appliances based on Industry Standards (I2HOME)

Despite recent advancements in information and communication technologies and growing sales numbers, industry has been rather reluctant to standardise access technologies and to implement them in a Design...

Mobile Knowledge Management (MUMMY)

A big, and still rising percentage of workers is doing at least in parts mobile business work. From the IT point of view, one of the immediate consequences is the increasing demand for being integrated...