Intuitive Interaction for Everyone with Home Appliances based on Industry Standards (I2HOME)

Despite recent advancements in information and communication technologies and growing sales numbers, industry has been rather reluctant to standardise access technologies and to implement them in a Design for All approach. Most often, the design and the implementation of appliances, mobile phones and remote controls are driven by the ambition to satisfy users that are already engaged in modern technologies. Thus many people with disabilities, in particular persons with cognitive disabilities and older persons, are excluded from using modern technologies, at home and in the public. This also means that they are – and will be increasingly more – severely impeded in participating in our society, in living an independent life and in realizing their full potential. I2HOME will address this problem with an approach based on existing and evolving industry standards. We will focus on the use of home appliances (including consumer electronics) by persons with cognitive disabilities and older persons. At the same time we will take care that the developed and standardized access strategies will be applicable to domains beyond the home.


European Commission
Project in FP6: Information society technologies
Project No. IST-2005 – 2.5.11