Pavement patterns can be designed to improve gait in Parkinson’s disease patients

Ota Gál Kamila Poláková Martina Hoskovcová Jan Tomandl Václav Čapek Roman Berka Hana Brožová Irena Šestáková Evžen Růžička
Movement Disorders 34(12):1831-1838, 2019


A Control Console for Video Cutting Application vMix

Radovan Beneš Bachelor thesis 2017
This bachelor thesis deals with creating a functional prototype of a control console, whose design is based on the professional switching consoles used in television broadcast. This work is a continuation...

iPad application for teaching Irish dances

Ondřej Macoszek Master thesis 2015
Target of this diploma thesis is to propose, design, implement and test mobile application for teaching irish dances. Within this thesis will be done examination of methods for detection of music speed...

An Interaction Tool for Immersive VR Devices

Martin Janda Bachelor thesis 2015
This bachelor thesis deals with design and implementation of a gesture interaction tool for immersive VR devices. The first part of the thesis describes input devices that are used for interaction in...

Distributed video player

Anastasia Kuznetsova Bachelor thesis 2015
Distributed systems for working with multimedia content, the main advantage of which is possibility to divide the task into one or more parts, are used in institutes, advertising, visual arts, etc. The...

Interactive Visualization of Sound Output

Ladislav Týč Master thesis 2015
This thesis delves into the problematique of creation and deployment of a multimedia application, which combines techniques from the fields of computer graphics, computer vision and audio processing....

Controlling Color Corona on Green Screen

Peter Šourek Bachelor thesis 2014
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to create algorithm that is able to detect and suppress color spill on chroma-keyed images. Based on previous analysis and existing solutions to this problem, three...

Multimedial interactive installation toolbox

Filip Pokorný Master thesis 2011
This disertation describes creation and implementation of system, which detects movements of user, discretization of its motion and prototype, which presents techniques used in project. Main emphasis...

The Generator models of buildings and interior design

Denisa Hůlová Bachelor thesis 2011
The aim of this thesis „The generator models of buildings and interior design“ was to create an application – using inputted data - that is able to create a simple 3D model using a repetition of the scene....

MOCAP – Tracking of a human figure motion

Jan Nováček Bachelor thesis 2011
This work investigates the possibility of creation videos using the MoCap technology. The work seeks to propose a procedure that allows simple and efficient creation of videos with this technology. At...

Applying Motion Capture System in Physiotherapy

Jiří Pospíšil Bachelor thesis 2010
This work investigates the possibility of porting data from the Vicon system into several different animation programs. In the first part there is a detailed description of motion capture technology and...


Visual Computing Competence Center (V3C)

The mission of the centre is a research and development in the area of Visual Computing, especially in automobile and movie industry. The task is to develop techniques for interactive, semiautomatic,...

Virtual Heart of Central Europe (VHCE)

The aim of this EU project was to digitally reconstruct selected significant objects of cultural heritage in four European cities Prague, Bratislava, Maribor and Graz and save them for the future in a...