Interactive Visualization of Sound Output

Ladislav Týč Supervisor: Roman Berka Master thesis 2015
This thesis delves into the problematique of creation and deployment of a multimedia application, which combines techniques from the fields of computer graphics, computer vision and audio processing. The goal is to establish an interactive scene, which deepens the musical experience of the viewing subjects by employing a visual component in the form of audio visualization. The main focus of the projection is to create an increased spatial immersion, an illusion of a wider virtual scene, which the subject then feels to be part of. This effect is achieved by the means of projection mapping. The visual component is projected onto the walls of the room deformed in such a way, that the subject is led to perceive the scene to be far larger than the actual physical space he is situated in. The immersion factor of this effect is achieved by a dual camera setup, which accurately tracks the observer's position. This allows the projected image to be distorted in a certain way as to evoke an illusion of depth when viewed by the observer as he freely moves around.