A Control Console for Video Cutting Application vMix

Radovan BeneŇ° Supervisor: Roman Berka Bachelor thesis 2017
This bachelor thesis deals with creating a functional prototype of a control console, whose design is based on the professional switching consoles used in television broadcast. This work is a continuation of the semester project, which proposed control console of smaller dimensions and with fewer controls. An important extension is implementation of the MIDI interface. Due to the wider requirements, the suitability of the Raspberry Pi development board will be considered. In the thesis I will continue by designing the wiring diagram, which also includes the selection of suitable components. The design of the printed circuit boards will be based on the circuit diagram. It is also necessary to design and produce suitable box for electronics using 3D printing. From the previous semestral thesis are laid the basics of the control software, which will need to be expanded in this work and connect with the hardware into the functional and complex device. Result of this work will be a set of data, in addition to a functional prototype, which will allow anyone to build the console from commonly available components.