Genesis – game engine kernel

Michal Červenka Supervisor: Jiří Bittner Bachelor thesis 2009
Behind the wonderful graphics, animations and storytelling of today’s games, there lies the powerful game engine, which is the key to the ultimate game experience. The game engine, which can be described as an optimized graphic application which is able to change the input data into operational scenes, is the subject of this work. In the first part, the synopsis of the game technologies development in recent years is discussed; the profesional ones will be studied and described minutely. Second chapter is dedicated to selected graphic effects which are going to be implemented in the final product. The thesis specification was extended with a part treating the subject of team leading and game design. The rest of the work is dedicated to design and implementation of the respective game engine and related applications. The work doesn’t treat the details of the implementation process, but concentrates on the main thoughts and problems encountered during the work process. Besides the resulting application, it is possible to find, on the cd enclosed, even the prototypes that originated during the process of implementation and are used to test selected parts of the final application.