Evaluation of player performance – methodology and implementation

Michal Pozník Supervisor: Jiří Bittner Bachelor thesis 2020
The matter of this work is the analysis of the possible ways of evaluating player action in computer games and the implementation of a module, which would be able to offer such evaluation as feedback. Firstly, the work analyzes previous research and existing applications and addresses a survey of gamer preferences. The second part sums up the options of both the principle and presentation of action evaluation. The last part of this work is about my implementation of such a module in a specific game. I have implemented the module in The Chaser, a game developed in the B4B39HRY course of the winter semester 2018/2019 by Team 11. The Chaser is a game in which the player collects resources, builds shrines with them, destroys the opponent's, and engages in combat with him. The module has been developed in Unity, specifically version 2018.3.7f1.