Interactive Visualization of Bounding Volume Hierarchies

Eva Mayerová Supervisor: Jiří Bittner Master thesis 2016
The thesis deals with current state of 3D hierarchical data structures visualisation, especially the bounding volume hierarchies (BVH). It summarizes current solutions and based on this comes up with a new one, which complements the shortcomings. The result is an application written in C++, based on libraries OpenGL 4.3 and Qt 5.5. The application allows the user to view created hierarchical data structure for given scene. The BVH is displayed either as a 2D view (tree) or directly as a part of the scene. The structure can be observed on the basis of various parameters, that are displayed using given scalar values, as for example the size of bounding volume or number of triangles per sub-tree. These values are generated by the application, but it is possible to import any other. Finally, application is able to display more bounding volume hierarchies for one scene, so user can compare their quality.