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BRDF surface reflectance using LIGHTEC Minidiff V2 for Game Engines

Lukáš Cezner Bachelor thesis 2023
This thesis investigates the possibility of using measured reflectance data of real materials to simulate the illumination of surfaces in Unity and Unreal Engine game engines in order to achieve realistic...

Real-time global illumination using Cascaded Light Propagation Volumes

Petr Šefčík Master thesis 2016
Computing global illumination is essential for synthesis of realistic looking images. Global illumination algorithms are however very computationally expensive and up until recently unfeasible to realize...

Global Illumination Computation for Augmented Reality

Tomáš Nikodým Master thesis 2012
In order to merge virtual objects into a real scene seamlessly, it is important to maintain consistent common illumination. In this thesis, we propose a framework that captures high dynamic range light...

Global Illumination via Instant Radiosity

Tomáš Barák Master thesis 2012
Global illumination algorithms form a fundamental part of the realistic image synthesis discipline. They consider the necessary indirect illumination component, and they usually produce highly plausible...

Data Structures for Interpolation of Illumination with Radiance and Irradiance Caching

Ondřej Karlík Master thesis 2011
Irradiance and radiance caching are important algorithms for solving the light transport problem in realistic image synthesis. They both require geometric search data structures for efficient rendering....

Progressive Consistent Computation of Global Illumination

Michal Lukáč Master thesis 2011
Progressiveness in a global illumination algorithm is a desirable, yet seldom considered property. We have decided to explore this class of algorithms with additional focus on estimate consistency and...

Parametric Model of MPII Building

Ondřej Linda Master thesis 2010
The scope of this master thesis is to study predictive image synthesis. Predictive image synthesis is a part of photo-realistic rendering, which is based on using physically exact algorithms for computing...

Fast rendering algorithms for volumetric data

Radomír Vávra Master thesis 2010
Thesis deals with fast rendering of volumetric objects, especially with objects defined by distance functions (level sets). Implementations written in C++ and with SSE instructions utilize recent multicore...


Research Center for Informatics (RCI)

RCI is the centre of scientific excellence in computer science and artificial intelligence that boosts and integrates internationally competitive research conducted at Czech Technical University. The...

Augmented Reality in School Environments (ARiSE)

The project aims at integrating an AR teaching platform (ARTP) into the everyday environment of teachers and students, displaying audiovisual and multimedia content in line with the needs identified by...