Optimizing Ray Tracing of Trimmed NURBS Surfaces on the GPU

Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of Pacific Graphics 2021) 97(1):161-172, 2021

Improved Corners with Multi-Channel Signed Distance Fields

Viktor Chlumský Jaroslav Sloup Ivan Šimeček
Computer Graphics Forum 37(1):273-287, 2018


Atmosphere and Cloud Rendering in Real-time

Matěj Sakmary Bachelor thesis 2022
This work presents an implementation of the rendering of the volumetric cloud and atmosphere. The implementation aims to combine and slightly alter previously published solutions to produce a single unified...

Night Sky Rendering

Michal Pozník Master thesis 2022
The matter of this thesis is a rendering OpenGL application written in C++. The application aims to render the sky in real-time, including all its essential features, and can also render the sky at any...

Comparison of Sand Simulation Methods and Their Application to Snow Simulation

Vojtěch Cimbura Master thesis 2022
This Master's thesis is focused on sand simulation methods analysis in the field of computer graphics and aims to compare these methods and discuss their disadvantages. The thesis also reviews sand and...

Transformation manipulators and scripting in I3T

Daniel Gruncl Bachelor thesis 2021
The goal of this work is design of manipulators for interactive modification of transformation and projection matrices and the integration of these manipulators into I3T-software for teaching transformations....

Simulation of volcanic eruptions

Michael Očenášek Master thesis 2020
This master's thesis is devoted to designing and implementation of application which can simulate lava flow in terrain. Aplication design is based on combination of previously presented solutions on similar...

Designing a modern high-level graphics API

Roman Galajda Master thesis 2020
The introduction of Vulkan, a low-level graphics API, in 2016 has presented an opportunity for developers to leverage the rendering and compute capabilities of modern graphics cards in a high performance,...

Weathering of rocks

Vojtech Cimbura Bachelor thesis 2020
This bachelor thesis discusses rock weathering simulation techniques in the field of computer graphics and suggests an implementation of an application dealing with this subject. An application producing...

OpenGL text rendering library

Karel Tomanec Bachelor thesis 2020
This thesis deals with the topic of text rendering and the development of the text rendering library based on OpenGL. The thesis introduces basic typographic concepts, existing font formats, and text...

Simulation of orographic clouds

Martin Čáp Master thesis 2019
Realistic cloud simulation is a hot topic in computer graphics research. In this thesis we present a possible approach of modeling orographic clouds using SkewT/LogP diagrams as proposed by Rui Pedro...

A Lightning Plug-in for the Foundry’s Nuke Compositor

Richard Dobřichovský Master thesis 2016
The goal of this thesis is to create a physically based lightning simulator for use within the VFX industry. The thesis studies the physics of real lightning creation and explores existing methods for...

Water Surface Modeling

Andrey Ufimtsev Bachelor thesis 2015
This work addresses problems of simulating ocean surface using a spectral approach by J. Tessendorf. The surface itself is generated utilizing the Fast Fourier Transform. We will see how an FFT algorithm...

Modeling of burning solids

Michal Kalous Master thesis 2011
Master thesis describes a physical simulation of burning solids in computer graphics and its implementation. It is focused especially on simulation of material decomposition, heat distribution and object...

Simulation of lunar eclipses

Adam Pospíšil Bachelor thesis 2011
The goal of this work is to create realistic picture of the Moon during a lunar eclipse. The method described here calculates both direct and indirect illumination resulting from the refraction in the...

Roller coaster simulation

Tereza Hyková Bachelor thesis 2010
This thesis describes the design and implementation of a roller coaster editor and simulator. It introduces the way to describe most of existing roller coasters including its shape, special mechanisms...

Simulation and visalisation of corrosion

Vojtěch Smrček Bachelor thesis 2009
In our work we focus on simulation and visualization of corrosion in PBRT system. PBRT system displays scenes using ray tracing. We create color and bump map for the corroded material. We result from...