Personal health diary – mobile application

Daniela Hradilová Supervisor: Jiří Bittner Bachelor thesis 2021
The aim of this thesis is to design, implement and test a mobile application for a regular monitoring of personal health information. The application should allow a wide range of user specific health-related information to be entered and tracked, followed by means of data visualization and user’s reflection on this data, which could inspire changes on the user’s lifestyle and the overall improvement of his health or quality of life. The primary target group are people who suffer from any chronic disease. The specific requirements for the application had been proven valid by the analysis. A few more requirements were identified regarding the security and privacy of the user and a clean neutral user interface of the application. Based on this theoretical knowledge, a prototype of the application was designed and tested. These results were factored into the implementation of the application and its’ user interface, which were then tested. The finished functional application is also the output of this work.