Game engine for Minecraft-like games

Zdeněk Kolář Supervisor: Ladislav Čmolík Bachelor thesis 2021
The theme of this Bachelor thesis is generating and rendering Minecraft-like game environments. Minecraft-like games are specific by seemingly endless procedurally generated volumetric worlds, where a player can freely move and modify any part as pleased. The primary goal of the thesis is to measure the impact of the application of different occlusion culling methods, such as a visibility graph used in Minecraft and hierarchical ZBuffer, and scene hierarchies, as an octree and a uniform grid, on the rendering performance. Within the thesis, a design of a simple framework allowing the generation and rendering of such worlds is presented. Based on the designed framework, an application was created in the Unity game engine, enabling the generation and rendering of five different environments. In the application, the impact of the above-mentioned methods on the rendering performance was measured.