Application for design and export of racing tracks

Mykola Isaiev Supervisor: Ladislav Čmolík Bachelor thesis 2020
The creation of auto race track three-dimensional scenes requires knowledge of specific software and can be time-consuming. The Smart Driving Solutions research center uses Cruden Panthera driving simulator for a number of internal and external purposes. The simulator provides the ability to use custom track scenes, which is necessary for the research. This thesis describes the development and implementation of a race track editor application that handles creation of track scenes and the consequential import into Cruden Panthera. The main functional requirements of the application were analyzed from different standpoints. The emphasis during the analysis was put on usability and Panthera integration. An auto race track was defined with a Bézier spline and a profile polygon. Cruden Panthera track scene import process was studied. The analysis results were then used in the application design and during the implementation. The working implementation of the editor was then used to generate several track scene examples; and the general direction for future application improvement was set.