Procedural Modeling of Cities Changing in Time

Petr Frantál Supervisor: Ladislav Čmolík Bachelor thesis 2016
This bachelor thesis introduces the possibilities of creation of 3D models of cities that evolve in time. We intend to use procedural modeling for this task. First we present a motivation for the creation of the time varying 3D models of cities. Then we introduce the issues addressed in this thesis and procedural modeling techniques. After that we present an analysis of the city evolution in time and we notice the visible changes that occur during that process. The next part is a design of the time varying 3D models and the parameters to control the city evolution. After that the implementation of the models is introduced, using procedural city modeling software CityEngine. We test the implementation by creating three different cities that evolve in time and present the details of the modeling process and the control parameter usage. The results are evaluated in the end.
Dean's award for outstanding bachelor thesis