Management of large-scale traffic sensor data using geospatial context

Lucia Semanová Supervisor: Ladislav Čmolík Master thesis 2021
This thesis aims to implement a prototype of a system for the visualization and management of traffic sensors. In order to design the prototype, user research with experienced traffic engineers was performed as well as analysis of existing commercial off-the-shelf solutions. The user research showed that users need to work with time-varying geographical data. Furthermore, the analysis revealed that there is no single solution on the current market that would satisfy all user requirements gathered during the user research. These requirements formed the basis on which low-fidelity design was created, which subsequently aided in implementing a high-fidelity prototype. Traffic analysts are able to use this prototype to leverage geographical context for managing historical data as well as to look for emerging patterns. The usability of the prototype was evaluated through a standard usability testing technique with 9 participants. Few issues with the prototype were identified in the usability testing. However, these can be easily rectified, and overall the prototype provides a comprehensive system for traffic data managers.