Outdoor AR with 360 panorama

Jan Hamet Supervisor: David Sedláček Bachelor thesis 2021
This bachelor thesis talks about the use of mobile libraries for augmented reality that are used to show 360° panoramas of Langweil paper model of Prague from 19th century. First, there are disscussed avaiable tools and libraries for working with augmented reality on devices. After that, there are disscussed methods for alignment panoramas with surrounding reality. This methods can use, for example sharing SLAM models. In the next section it is described the implementation of the test application. Its purpouse is guide user to the place of iterest and show him prerendered panoramas. In the last section, the testing performed on twenty panoramas, placed in the center of the Old Prague, is summarized. Here are also disscused methods, advantages and disadvantages of using alignment by ARCore Cloud anchors. In the last, the comparsion of orientation abilities of the ARCore and gyroskop, is summarized here.