2D painting in VR

Matyáš Kovaľ Supervisor: David Sedláček Bachelor thesis 2022
The goal of this bachelors work is the design and prototyping of interaction techniques, that would closely resemble the creation of houses for the Langweil's model of Prague and their implementation into an already existing virtual experience called 'VR experience: „Langweil Model of Prague Creation“'. The work is divided into chapters. The Introduction contains a list of the requirements for this work and a few basic terms, needed in context of this work. Following is the Research chapter, which is dedicated to the research of options for the implementation of the requirements. In the Design chapter, I will analyse these options and design their implementation, which is described in the Implementation chapter. The Testing chapter describes the processes of testing the implementation and their results. The Final chapter is the Conclusion, which contains the conclusions made from the testing results and the evaluation of the work by the author. The result of this work is a complete virtual experience, that allows the user to try and utilise the above mentioned techniques to create a part of Langweil's model of Prague in virtual reality in an atelier in the attic of Klementinum.