Introduction to Solar System through Virtual Reality application

Jordan Moravenov Supervisor: David Sedláček Bachelor thesis 2018
I am fascinated by the opportunities that virtual reality offers us and I am interested in using this perspective technology for education. I created educational application to present the objects of the Solar System and named it "Guide to the Solar System". First of all, I studied today's VR interaction techniques that require no other inputs but device rotation such as ray-casting or diegetic UI. Then I designed also my own interaction technique where the user nods or shakes his head. Based on that, I created a scenario which I followed during the development. The graphical content was created using Blender and Adobe Photoshop and the audio was recorded and edited in Audacity. The application "Guide to the Solar System" was created using the Unity game engine with "Google VR for Unity" package for VR applications for Google Cardboard. Afterwards, I tested the application with users and I came to conclusion, that although the head movement for interaction is tiring, users can enjoy it, if they manage to adopt these interaction techniques on the beginning of their experience. By working on this project, I learned to create applications for virtual reality and I learned about users' behavior during familiarizing with using this kind of application.