Production-Ready Pipeline for Example-Based Stylization of Animated Sequences

Šárka Sochorová Supervisor: Daniel Sýkora Master thesis 2018
In my thesis I develop an Adobe Photoshop extension module which uses StyLit, a tool for artistic 3D render stylisation based on a simple sphere painting. The texture synthesis that StyLit performs is controlled by the artist using guiding channels generated during the rendering as separated illumination effects of the target 3D scene. By introducing StyLit into the Photoshop environment I enabled artists and animators to use any number of such guiding channels or to create their own ones comfortably which brought numerous new possibilities for StyLit usage. As a part of my thesis I created a set of 25 example PSD files where I show that StyLit can not only stylise 3D renders according to a style designed by the artist but it can also stylise photographs with an existing panting, colourise greyscale paintings, stylise 3D renders using natural textures, guide a content-aware area filling and many more. Those new use-cases for using StyLit are complemented by a set of narrated video tutorials explaining in great detail a given example and how to achieve the best results. StyLit was originally designed to help create traditionally animated movies by stylising 3D renders. I have not left this purpose out and extended my plug-in by the functionality of a batch process stylising image sequences. I also showed that StyLit is a useful tool not only for animators but also for digital and concept artists, illustrators, matte painters and even for those users who lack the artistic abilities yet working in Photoshop can be thanks to StyLit easy and effective.