Improvements of the PGR Course

Štěpán Machovský Supervisor: Jakub Hendrich Master thesis 2022
The topic of this thesis is research on the state of the PGR (Computer graphics) course at FEE CTU and subsequent changes proposals for this course. The work aims to improve the teaching of PGR, which is the main course of bachelor study for future computer graphics students. It is necessary to proceed from students' feedback to improve the teaching. Therefore, the focus of this work is to collect feedback from students and the following incorporation into changes in teaching. Based on the collected feedback, a research summarization consisting of the current course's state, nine interviews, and a subsequent quantification questionnaire is included. Research evaluation introduced specific changes in the teaching of PGR course, which are then consulted with the course's guarantor. Among those changes is, for example, the production of new slides for exercises, the introduction of pair-programming, sending motivational emails, or the implementation of two new exercises. Additional research consisting of six interviews and three quantification questionnaires was performed to evaluate and fine-tune these changes. Finally, a proposal for future improvements for this course, such as the need to introduce an automatic assessment of homework in BRUTE, is then discussed.