Advanced Tutorials in I3T

Adam Louck√Ĺ Supervisor: Petr Felkel Bachelor thesis 2023
The thesis deals with the development of new tutorials for the I3T (Interactive Tool for Teaching Transformations) program. The program contains a set of introductory tutorials, that aims to teach the basic program controls and transformations. The new tutorials are designed to teach advanced users to operate complex functions of the program and to practice their knowledge of transformations. During the course of the thesis, the graphical and instructional practices used in similar programs were examined. Furthermore, user tests were conducted to observe errors in the tutorial lessons and the program interface. Five new tutorials were created for the thesis. Two of the tutorials focus on practicing familiar theory, one teaches work with cameras and the last two add information that is needed due to the lack of a program manual. One of the tutorials was further tested. A SUS test, which measures user satisfaction, was also conducted and the satisfaction was rated as above average.