Singlet Fission Rate: Optimized Packing of a Molecular Pair. Ethylene as a Model

Alexandr Zaykov Petr Felkel Eric A. Buchanan Milena Jovanovic Remco W. A. Havenith R. K. Kathir Ria Broer Zdenk Havlas Josef Michl
Journal of the American Chemical Society 141(44):17729-17743, 2019


Advanced Tutorials in I3T

Adam Loucký Bachelor thesis 2023
The thesis deals with the development of new tutorials for the I3T (Interactive Tool for Teaching Transformations) program. The program contains a set of introductory tutorials, that aims to teach the...

Automatic Box Layout in I3T Tool

Marek Nechanský Bachelor thesis 2019
A drawing of a graph has an important impact on understanding of the graph. The drawing should be different for various types of graphs. A very specific type of graph is used in a program called Interactive...

Control software for a CNC tool

Filip Měšťánek Master thesis 2017
This thesis describes the development cycle of a control system for CNC cutting machines. It describes all phases of a system development, from the analysis of current control systems and identification...

Teaching of Transformations

Michal Folta Master thesis 2016
Geometric transformations in computer graphics are very important. For many people it is a big problem to understand, as evidenced by the large number of printed publications and tutorials on this topic....

Component Based Approach for Game Engine Object Management

Martin Štýs Master thesis 2014
There are many game objects in modern computer games that need to be represented in a code. The most common way to represent them is via a class hierarchy which unfortunately introduces many problems...

Website for comparing extensions

Jan Fiala Bachelor thesis 2011
This work deals with creating a web site containing information about OpenGL extensions. The site should include a current list of all known extensions and all their specification documents. Additional...

Tools for teaching of visualy impaired children

Kateřina Štromerová Bachelor thesis 2011
Graphics for some therapy methods for visually impaired children exist currently only in paper form. The aim of this thesis was to digitize these documents and to create electronic version of the exercises....

Mesh correction and optimalization of the correction steps

Petr Marek Bachelor thesis 2010
This work works on analyzis of impacts on detection and correction algorithms caused by a presence of various mesh errors. It examines their impacts on each other, masking or creating of new errors during...

OpenGL teaching support

Martin Vaňko Master thesis 2010
There are many online examples of OpenGL applications. Finding a well-prepared programs is difficult. Students starting with an OpenGL lack of clear and targeted examples. Therefore, I created a set of...

RPG Creation Framework

Jan Beneš Master thesis 2010
The thesis describes design and implementation of a specialized game creation system created for making computer role-playing games. The main goal is to design an open system capable of creating a wide...

Test generator

Markéta Boháčová Bachelor thesis 2009
This bachelor thesis deals with available tools for student testing and their properties. Based on sample tests, these tools are evaluated, their options, utilization and functionality analyzed. After...