Implementation of Asymmetric Cooperative Video Game – 3D Environment

Martina Klimešová Supervisor: Adam Sporka Bachelor thesis 2019
This thesis describes development of asymmetric cooperative computer game I'm In for two players. Each player operates on a separate device, taking on a role of a hacker or an agent. Together they complete missions using verbal communication. This thesis focuses on the design and implementation on the agent's part. It also describes changes introduced to the agent's part of the game based on user testing. This game was created in cooperation with Pavla Křivanová who developed the hacker's part of the game. Even though the game is played on two devices, it does not need any connection between them which makes the game distinct. The thesis also discusses other asymmetric cooperative games, ones that rely on connection between the devices and even ones that do not. A tutorial and one mission are created in this thesis. The game can be easily extended by adding new missions. The game was developed for PC with Unity 2017.1.1f1.