Implementation of Asymmetric Cooperative Video Game – The Manual

Pavla Křivanová Supervisor: Adam Sporka Bachelor thesis 2019
This thesis deals with the creation of asymmetric cooperative computer game I'm In for two players. Players have different roles (agent and hacker) and they solve riddles together using verbal communication. Each player has their own device. These devices are not connected. This thesis is primarily focused on the part of the game where the player plays as a hacker. First of all, some similar computer games are analysed. After that follows the description of the design, implementation, user testing and finally the adjustments made after the testing. This game was developed in collaboration with Martina Klimešová who made the other part of the game where the player plays as an agent. The result of this work is a functional asymmetric cooperative computer game composed of these two parts. The game was created for PC using Unity (version 2017.1.1f1).