User model for visually impaired older adults

Petr Bílek Supervisor: Miroslav Macík Master thesis 2019
Older adults with severe vision impairment often live in residential care institutions that provide specialised care. This user group has specific needs, abilities, and preferences, primarily from the perspective of orientation in space and interaction with technologies. Frequently, they are challenged with cognitive issues (i.e., Alzheimer's disease). For this user group, it is often necessary to adapt the interaction methods with ICT accordingly to the abilities and preferences of a particular user. Similarly, it is convenient to adjust the form of provided care. This adaptation is enabled by an appropriate description of external factors relevant to the interaction, in particular by a proper description of abilities, preferences, and needs of a specific person. This master thesis proposes the solution of the Client management system with the focus on the user model and the administration user interface. The designed user model connects aspects of personal psychobiography that is already successfully applied in the gerontological care and aspects that are important for interaction with technologies.